April Fools' Pranks Geeks Will Enjoy

April Fools’ is pretty much here. You’ve probably got a collection of your best pranks, but you might be looking for a bit of inspiration – or just a laugh.

Here are some good old pranks that you will enjoy.

Play with the mouse

The perfect office prank – if you use mice (mouses?). It’s an old one, but will surely still work.

Add a more fun with this.


On a more “modern” note, play with your mom’s autocorrect settings. Yeah, we’re going there…

Of course, you can do all sorts of variations to different people – provided you have access to their phones.

Firefox Pranks

If your intended victim is a Firefox user, then you have a host of Firefox pranks to choose from.
Instructables will point you in the right direction, with individual add-ons, or if you’re going all out, you can go for the “Total Confusion Combo Pack”. If you get your face punched…

See all your options here.

Chrome Pranks

The chances are that you’ll have a lot of targets for these pranks, and the idea is the same as Firefox pranks, except that your victims will be using Chrome. There are many extensions that will do the trick, but favorite is Cornify, which obviously is all about those awesome mythical (so they say) creatures. Get Cornify here.

Obvious note: not a good idea if the target firmly believes in unicorns; unless you want your prank to backfire.

The Universal Apple Remote

If you’ve got one of the old ones handy, then you’ll have a lot of fun freaking people out. (I’m not sure if the new one still works the same way.)

I’ve been the victim of this prank, with my brother-in-law using the remote to turn my TV on and off, resulting in a freak out for about a week till I found it. Living alone in a condo does that to you.

So, basically, use the remote to play tricks on your friends – TV, presentations, etc. As this is an old one, be creative and remember, timing is the key.

The Battery Prank – Dangerous!

We all like playing with electricity, but just like with fire, it’s a dangerous thing. Redditor winlifeat has a suggestion:

Take a 9 volt battery, place a quarter on top and wait for a good 10-20 minutes. Flick the quarter off the battery and wait.

Do this only if you’re absolutely sure you won’t get sued – and that there is a bit of time (several minutes) before someone comes along who will likely pick up the quarter. And, to test the person (as well as to serve as a sort of warning), leave the battery beside the quarter.

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