Drinking coffee is a pleasure for some. For others, it is a necessity. Adding a little fun to your coffee is always a welcome thing, though, especially if you’re talking about coffee art that features some of your favorite things.

For sure, you’ve seen your share of awesome coffee art. You’ve probably even held off from taking the first sip of coffee because of not wanting to ruin the image. ((No need to hide this. I’m sure you’re not alone!)) Here are several images of geeky coffee art to brighten your day. Even if you can’t make them yourself, you can always enjoy a freshly brewed cup while looking at the photos, can’t you?

Geeky Coffee Art From Startup Weekend Manila

The recently concluded Startup Weekend Manila had a surprising twist, thanks to Coffee Academy. Android lovers would not want anything else, would they?

Geeky Coffee Art
Coffee Art Android

And, if you just can’t tear yourself away from your Inbox, this Gmail icon is for you.

Geeky Coffee Art
Coffee Art Gmail

Photos via GDG Philippines

Geeky Coffee Art: Plus 1

They say it’s a ghost town, but there are still come pretty active people on Google Plus. If you like clicking on the plus 1 button, then here’s your cup of coffee.

Geeky Coffee Art
Plus 1

Here’s another, timelier piece of work from the same guy. It wakes you up enough not to get lost!

Geeky Coffee Art
Apple Maps


Geeky Coffee Art: TARDIS

The image is a little blurry, and some may not see the art for what it is, but hey, it’s the TARDIS! (Just pretend you have astigmatism if you can’t figure it out.)

Geeky Coffee Art


Geeky Coffee Art: Sonic the Hedgehog

Miss spending time playing? Just take a look into your cup, and you’ll be flooded with warm memories.

Geeky Coffee Art
Sonic the Hedgehog

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