Here’s a question for you: what’s the next best thing to actually living in the Shire? Why, decking out your pad in paraphernalia from your favorite show/book/comic/movie, of course!

Why, decking out your pad in paraphernalia from your favorite show/book/comic/movie, of course!

In the geek home, decor isn’t just about appearances, it’s a way to prove your nerd cred and really showcase your favorites. After all, you didn’t log all those hours reading and obsessing for nothing! Luckily, over the past few years, there’s been a huge uptick in awesomely geeky decor that will suit the tastes of even the most finicky fanboy or girl.

As much as we would love to live in Bag End, we know it’s just not possible (in real life, that is). But we’ve collected our favorite items to show off in your own hobbit hole—stuff that will let your friends know that they’re not dealing with just any ordinary geek here.

Geeky decor ideas

Storage for Days

Tetris-themed shelves

geeky decor

That Wednesday afternoon comic run can put a real hit on your shelf space. Whether your passion is books or figurines (still in the boxes, please and thank you!), plenty of storage is a must in a geeky household. That’s why these add a geometric note to any wall and can be stacked as high as you need (I just hope I can be less obsessive about buying them as I am about playing Tetris!)


geeky decor

Because we all want a toy-themed shelf we can actually play with, right? It works just like the classic pin art toy, except you can put stuff on the pins! And you can actually imprint your face in them (although we recommend not trying it with your pets – not that we would ever do that or anything).

Hidden bookcase

geeky decor

Get your Sherlock on with this bookcase—yep, it actually hides a room! Great for sneaking in a secret binge-watch session after your significant other falls asleep!

Futuristic Lighting

LED halo chandeliers

geeky lights

Because no nerdy home is complete without some seriously space-aged lighting. We love these chandeliers that look like they belong on the USS Enterprise.

Evil forest chandelier

geeky lights

You say Starfleet’s not your thing? This chandelier will turn your room into an evil forest and make it look like you stole it from the set of the next Guillermo del Toro flick.


Go nostalgic and make your wall a giant-sized version of the toy you played with as a kid.

LED potion lamp


For those whose taste runs toward the mystical, there’s this. It’ll go perfectly with your wax seal and feather quill.

Jealousy-Inducing Wall Art

When you’re a geek, your home is really a love letter to your favorite things. And nowhere is better for penning your adoring missives than right on your walls.

MST3K wall decal

geeky decor

I’m ready to go out and buy this right now! Take my money! (On another note: 5 Things We Need To Worry About On This Season of The Walking Dead)

Super Mario Brothers scene

gamer decor

Stick to the classics with this well-loved favorite.

Giant Scrabble board

geek decor

What’s a seven letter word for love? Why, this naturally. Here’s a tip: xi and xu are words!

And, Of Course, a Robot Fridge

That’s right, we said robot fridge. Now that you know that’s a thing, you’re not going to store your food in some regular refrigerator, are you?

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

geeky fridge

Don’t keep your sodas cold like some redshirt, use this instead. It glows green and can be set to cool or warm, in case you happen to find yourself on Alpha 177.

R2-D2 fridge

r2d2 fridge

Because some people are always going to be strictly Team Star Wars. No need to cause a disturbance in the Force — it actually moves using a remote control!

Gameboy Fridge Magnets

geeky decor

Don’t feel like getting rid of your refrigerator? How about just turning it into a giant Gameboy with these magnets? It includes a dry erase board for remembering all your power combos (sorry, there’s no secret move that will pour you a drink, though).

And now an apology: with all this awesome geeky decor out there, you’re only going to want to leave your home for the barest of necessities. Okay, gotta run—need to get a second job to pay for all of these!

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