In honor of Spring’s arrival (up here in the northern hemisphere, anyway), here are ten of the geekiest flowers you’ll ever see.

8-Bit Flower Bouquet

How else should a geek say “I love you” than with a pixelated vase full of pixelated flowers? It boasts 3 layers of depth and stands 13 inches high. $14.99 plus shipping, from ThinkGeek.

Cyberflora Garden

An interactive art installation by the robotics department at MIT, the Cyberflora garden consisted of four “species,” each of which could sense and respond to humans in unique ways. The goal was to mix animal-like and plant-like characteristics into something that humans could interact with.


Now that’s some genuinely original use of LEGO bricks. There are plenty of LEGO flowers out there, but I have never seen bricks woven together quite so beautifully. Made as a valentine gift. By Chris “Wunztwice.”

Magic: The Gathering Dice Flower

Inspired by the Mana colors in Magic: The Gathering, centered with a D10 dice. By MountainMusings.

“Princess Leia” Iris

Unlike most of the entries on this list, this flower is the real deal. It just happens to be named for Princess Leia. A hybridized flower, it was engineered by a florist in Australia, and has won a number of prestigious awards. It’s a cross between two Irises — a “Gladiator’s Gift” and a “Desert Jewel.” If that means anything to you. By Iris Haven.

Robot Flower

I’d never heard about this before today, but apparently it’s a very well known landmark in Buenos Aires called Floralis Genérica. The giant flower has robotic qualities because it opens during the day and closes at night in a way that mimics living flowers, drawing its power from sunlight. Each of the six petals is over 42 feet long! Gorgeous HDR photo by Stuck in Customs.

“Star Wars” Magnolia

Another real flower named in honor of the universe that George built. An engineered hybrid that’s a cross between Campbell’s Magnolia and the Lily-Flowered Magnolia. Said to be a large flower that can bloom twice in one year. Photo by Black Diamond Images.

Steampunk Daisy

Made from wood and brass as a wedding present for a relative. By Will Segerman. Even more impressive is that it was made out of leftover parts from this bad boy.

Storm Trooper Boutineer

It has to be true love if the bride agrees to have boutineers with Star Wars characters embedded in them. The person wearing the one in this photo is actually one of the mothers! The groom wore Vader. By Nancy Che Mahan.

Tron Hairpin

Combines the awesomeness of TRON with the perennial coolness that is all things duct tape. $8.50 plus shipping from Etsy retailer DuckTapeRose.

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