It’s less than two weeks till Halloween – what are you doing here binge-reading our articles? Go carve some pumpkins. Oh, what’s that? Neighbor got ahead of you in pumpkin carving and took all the novel ideas? Well, I’m pretty sure no one would mind them going on a long vacation, heh, get what I mean? That’s what they get for hogging all the Jack O’ Lantern ideas. They killed it with their pumpkins, so you… you know.

However, if murder is out of the question, you can always try to outdo what they did with their pumpkins. The thing about Jack o’ Lantern ideas is that they are very flexible and need not be the usual and standard design. You can be as creative as you want with them because why not? Of course, you are also probably here because you are a fan of the sci-fi or fantasy pop culture, meaning you want something that will turn heads and draw some giggles. No worries, we have prepared some of the most outstanding geeky Jack o’ Lantern ideas for you:

Do note that this is not a ranking from worst to best. They are also not your usual free printable pumpkin stencils– some are more complex than others! So you be the judge and pick what you want, or pick them all!

Death Star-kin

What better way to do a Star Wars pumpkin theme than making a veggie replica of the most powerful superweapon in the Star Wars mythos: Darth Vader’s weakness himself– sand!… Kidding, it’s the Death Star, of course. It’s quite easy, you can even go freestyle with it, just take note of the straight lines and the large round crater thingy that shoots the death laser.

Infinity Pumpkin

Okay, so it’s not actually a carving of an infinity gauntlet with a pumpkin, that is a lot harder than most people think. Instead, it is a pumpkin with a stencil carving of Thanos. It’s not as easy or as dangerous as snapping your fingers, but with a little more effort than what the Earth’s mightiest heroes did in Infinity War, you can come up with one of the most depressing Jack O’ Lantern ideas around, Marvel approved:

Poke-pumpkins (Pikachu)

You could say that this Jack o’ Lantern idea is… shocking. However, who does not love Pokemon? Everyone loves Pokemon, so much so that Pokemon Go even causes plenty of road accidents every year. Still, you can enjoy your love for Pokemon at the safety and comfort of your home with this Pikachu pumpkin:

Strange-o-lanterns (Stranger Things)

If there ever was a pop culture reference with a lot of opportunities for creative pumpkins, it would be Stranger Things. One of the most iconic scenes during the first season was when Winona Ryder, single mom, almost went insane and started communicating with his missing son from another dimension through a Christmas light Ouija wall, now that is easy to do with your pumpkins and is also easily recognizable:

Jack O' Lantern Ideas
Photo by Reddit/u/cunnilyndey

Pumpkin-pool (Deadpool)

Okay, hear me out, this is not a prank where you fill a neighbor’s pool with stale pumpkins you vandal, you. This is a Deadpool pumpkin carving… okay it might be as disgusting as that pumpkin pool idea, Deadpool is quite gross, to be honest. Still, he makes for good Halloween material, be sure to carve the pumpkin using twin katanas:

Same idea and ease as the Pikachu one, less carving, more painting and uh, stabbing, Deadpool won’t mind, don’t worry.

Pump-Venom (Venom)

Sounds like something a poisonous snake would do if they get a hold of you. Make no mistake, Venom pumpkin is one of the hottest Halloween trends today. That is because a Venom costume is out of the question since it is impossible to replicate faithfully (unless you are fine with covering yourself in tar). However, you can always make a Venom Jack o’ Lantern, check out these awesome stencils:

Jack O' Lantern Ideas
Photo by Imgur/HossMagnum

A Song of Ice, Fire… and Pumpkins (Game of Thrones)

It is not enough that you be a fan of Game of Thrones this Halloween. Wearing a costume as one of the characters or dressing up your family as a specific house in Westeros should be a proper show of devotion to the franchise. But don’t stop there, announce to your neighborhood how proud you are to be a Stark or God forbid– a Lannister, with these Westerosi sigil stencils:


I could not think of an appropriate word amalgamation for this one– Batkin?… Pump-man? Nevermind. However, not including the Batman pumpkin carving as a Jack o’ Lantern choice is a one-way ticket to Arkham Asylum for you, so carve it ASAP, he is watching. Make sure to carve it using your Batarang too, should be easy enough:

Pumpkin Riiiick! (Rick and Morty)

While it is a more appealing option to carve Rick Sanchez out of a pickle instead of a pumpkin, those things are not exactly made for carving. So you are stuck with a pumpkin just as much as Morty is stuck with Rick and a Rick and Morty pumpkin is due. Still, the best thing you can do is make a pumpkin worthy of Rick’s genius, forget about Morty, he’s expendable:

So, wubba-lubba-dub-o’ lanterns motherf– flatterers!

Donald Trumpkin

A pumpkin is orange… the current U.S. president is orange… are you seeing the math here? The stars have surely aligned to make this political possibility a dream come true. There really is nothing spookier than a mad Halloween figurehead with a millions-strong zombie army to back him up. Their goal? To make Halloween great again:

That one is quite lazy, so you can go the extra mile and carve out the stencil and light it up from the inside to give a more authentic orange glow. Happy Halloween everyone!

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