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11 Coolest Stocking Stuffers That Will Make Your Geeky Heart Sing

Christmas is coming dangerously fast, dear ol’ Santa Claus is preparing the final drafts of his good/naughty lists, and you can’t walk into any shop without being reminded for the thousandth time of Mariah Carey’s rather short Christmas wish list.

I hope that you have already picked the perfect presents for your beloved geeky friends, relatives, and counterparts. But that still doesn’t mean that you are off the hook because there are some stockings that need to be stuffed. 

In this post, you’ll find 11 coolest geeky stocking stuffers that you can buy and put into your fellow geek-heads’ stockings. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to top off the presents with even more presents (gotta love our consumerism-centric society)?

The best part is that stocking-fillers are expected to be small and ‘no-biggie’ so your wallet might still retain its dignity and have something left in it after the holiday season. Self-five.

Geeky stocking stuffers that are sure winners

11) Superhero Cufflinks: $36.50

Yeah, so I might have exaggerated a bit with the whole “having something left in your wallet” statement. But in my defense, these cufflinks would make anyone dig out their last penny and order every single one of them even if they have never owned a shirt in your life.

This store makes cufflinks that feature every fandom and superheroes in the book: Justice League, Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, with a side of Star Wars because why not. So if you know someone who has to wear crispy shirts to work instead of cool geeky t-shirts, these cufflinks will help them show off their interests in a low-key dress-code-compliant way.


10) Soundtrack Music Box: $22.50

For some reason, music boxes tend to be strangely melancholic or borderline creepy depending on the setting. But these music boxes are neither. They are extremely cool and have actually went pretty viral earlier this year and there’s no surprise why – they stroke our geeky eardrums and hearts the right way. Plus, you can spin them better than any fidget spinner.

These music boxes can play out some of the most iconic soundtracks starting with Game of Thrones and ending with Harry Potter. What’s more, each music box is handmade and engraved with the appropriate emblem of the movie.


9) Millennium Falcon Coaster Set: $16.99

The art of adulting relies on buying boring stuff every mature person is expected to have but staying true to your geeky nature at the same time. This coaster set is the perfect example of it.

First of all, well, it’s a coaster set. You don’t get more “adulty” than that. But, and here’s the twist, when stacked together, the coasters from a 3D version of the Millenium Falcon. Even when pulled apart each coaster shows a detailed cross-section of the ship you can study while chugging on your coffee.


8) Thor Hammer Flash Drive: $29.90

Thor: Ragnarok has probably been the most surprising geek movie of 2017 in the most positive way. Its predecessor in the Thor trilogy was kind of a letdown and the Norse demi-god himself has never been a hardcore fan favorite. But boy, did Taika Waititi gave Thor a makeover!

But we’re all gathered here to talk about stocking stuffers and not to listen to me spew poetics about the second-to-strongest Avenger. Fun fact, Thor’s family has more to do with this Christmas tradition that you might expect (which you can read up on here) so it’s only appropriate to drop a Mjolnir 8GB flash drive into someone’s Christmas stocking.


7) Pokemon Earbuds: $19.99

Pokemon Go fever might be over but the geek community’s affection towards this franchise goes way deeper than that.

With these earbuds, you will be able to have a full-on Pokemon experience while watching reruns of the show or the latest theories MatPat has come up with (and there are a lot of those). They also have a microphone which means you can have arguments with your friends over which one is the first Pokemon like a pro.

The point I’m trying to make is that these are awesome and you should have them.


6) Funko Plushies: $4.80-$30.48

No geeky Christmas gift guide is complete without featuring Funko in one way or another. Today, I’m presenting you “another way” aka Funko plushies and not vinyl bobble heads.

These plushies are extremely soft and feature a surprising amount of details when it comes to their appearance. What’s more, they are relatively cheap (especially if you’re after the Suicide Squad Joker) and small, making them a perfect fit for a stocking.


5) Chewable Coffee Cubes: $39.00

Each of these bad boys packs half a cup of coffee (50mg of Caffeine). When your belly is too full of soda and popcorn, you can simply chew coffee instead of gulping it in gallons.

So when you absolutely have to binge watch a new season of your favorite series on Netflix, you’ll have the right sustenance. Same goes for late night battles with Dark Souls’ absolute determination to kill you off.

Know someone who could use something like this?


4) Wolverine Enamel Pin Set: $35.00

2017 was a sad year since we had to say goodbye to Wolverine, at least as we know him. “Logan” was the last movie Hugh Jackman starred in as one of our favorite cigar-smoking whiskey-drinking superheroes.

If someone you know still has problems with coming to grips with this fact, then maybe these retro enamel pins will lift up their spirits. They would certainly serve as a reminder that in the comics universe Wolverine still lives on and chops down the baddies.


3) Cuphead Stickers: $2.54

Even if you rarely play video games, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Cuphead. This cartoonish 30s-style platform has become a viral sensation this year and the beautiful merchandise has followed the buzz.

This set of stickers features the main soul-hunting protagonist as well as some of the most prominent (and infuriating) bosses.

Give this set to someone who is absolutely in love with the graphics in the game (and it’s hard not to be). Or, as an alternative, you can gift these to one of your friends who can’t stand the mere mention of Cuphead due to its alleged similarity to Dark Souls. Isn’t that what friends are for?


2) Stranger Things Socks: $11.00

Well, with the rate that my socks tend to disappear, I can’t help but wonder if they have somehow wound up in the Upside Down. It’s just as plausible as any other sock-disappearing theory, don’t you agree?

If you know someone with the same problem, this geeky stocking stuffer might be just what they need. Maybe they will be able to use this socks to communicate with their other socks stuck in the Upside Down. Or they’ll at least appreciate getting socks in their stocking.


1) Nintendo Gameboy Notebook: $6.99

Let’s be clear, as of now, the design of the original Game Boy can be considered nothing but iconic. So it’s really not surprising that we can now buy a bunch of Game-Boy-inspired licensed merchandise, including this cool notebook.

Notebooks are always in high demand, whether for doodling or for writing down your latest game theories. Doing that in a notebook like this one will be not only practical but also cool as heck. Plus, since both modern and older gamers love this gaming platform (for different reasons, but still) you can get this notebook for almost anyone.


Are you already itching to buy all of these just for yourself? Thought so. But Christmas is Christmas and you’ve got to spend some money to get yet another skincare gift set from your distant relatives. Kidding.

Go ahead and spread the joy with these awesome geeky stocking stuffers. And when Christmas is over, come back again and treat yourself to one of these gems. Merry Chrysler!

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This post was written by Lina Dzido who works as a content creator and senior editor for Awesome Stuff 365. She is too invested into geeky stuff for her own good. She can now be found editing videos and writing about everything from jewelry to latest tech gadgets.

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