7 Valentine's Cards That Will Bring Out the Sappy in You

Right. Let’s admit it.

While many of us have an aversion – at least outwardly – to Valentine’s Day, there is a sap inside all of us. It’s just better hidden by some.

You may or may not agree with me, but browse these geeky Valentine’s cards, and you just might find yourself giving in.

7 Geek Valentine’s Cards

Hello Sweetie

While this list is in no particular order, this is number one for me. “Hello Sweetie” will bring out emotions from the most unemotional Doctor Who fan. Then again, I don’t think I’ve met a Whovian who’s not emotional. ;)



How cute a mashup is this?

It’s technically a “note card”, but who cares? It can easily function as a geeky Valentine’s card, too.


Yoda One For Me

I told you – SAPPY. It made me groan, but it’s so bad it’s funny. I think a rearrangement of words in order is.


I A-Dumbledore You

It’s a punny list, isn’t it? This card will make any Potterhead smile. Guaranteed.


Deadpool Chocolate Heart Box Bomb

It’s Deadpool. With a chocolate heart box, which may or may not be explosive. Who can say no? It’s definitely one of the more interesting geeky Valentine’s cards


I’d Pause My Game for You

Yeah. I’ll admit I fell for this one. Boys and girls, it doesn’t always work, but well…it’s still the thought that counts! And if they/you really do pause it all the time, you/they just might have struck gold.


Bacon and Egg

Best paired with a bacon and egg breakfast. Throw in some freshly brewed coffee, too. And some pancakes.


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