German physicists have "broken the speed of light"

According to the UK’s Telegraph, two German Scientists have broken the speed of light – a feat that some thought previously to be impossible. If this proves to be true, and can be duplicated – it will “undermine our entire understanding of space and time”.

According to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, it would require an infinite amount of energy to propel an object at more than 186,000 miles per second.

However, Dr Gunter Nimtz and Dr Alfons Stahlhofen, of the University of Koblenz, say they may have breached a key tenet of that theory.

The pair say they have conducted an experiment in which microwave photons – energetic packets of light – travelled “instantaneously” between a pair of prisms that had been moved up to 3ft apart.

Don’t expect Warp Drive just yet or anything, but if (again, IF) this turns out to be true…it could change the world.

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