How to Get Geeks to Socialize

You know how geeks tend to be placed in that “unsociable bucket”? As much as I dislike stereotypes, they have basis, and yeah, I’ve known a geek or two that prefers to stay at home to read, play games, or have movie/TV show marathons. (That may or may not be me.)


Then again, there is such a thing as not being part of the stereotype – or breaking out of it, even if only occasionally. Geeks do know how to socialize, and when they do, they do it as only geeks do – with special sauce!

If you’re looking to get your geek friends to socialize, here are some ideas.

Themed parties

This is what we do best. Whether it’s a personal party or a company team building event, if you ask geeks to organize, the event will likely have an awesome theme. There’s the usual Star Trek, Star Wars, DC, or Marvel themes, but don’t be surprised if something unusual comes up. Things are even easier these days, with entities like Actiondays which provide assistance in organizing events, and guess what? Medieval banquets are not out of the question!

Paintball or Laser Tag


Who said geeks don’t get out and engage in physical activities? Paintball and laser tag may not be Olympic sports (yet), but they certainly require a high degree of agility and strategy. Try going out with a bunch of geeks to play, and you’ll realize how seriously we can take these games.

Board game night!

Ah, good old board games. Or card games. Or Jenga. Ask a bunch of geeks to come over for board game night, and you’ll be fighting off participants, not to mention having to spend hours deciding on what game to play. And I haven’t even mentioned role playing games.

Trivia night/Geek fight night

I don’t know if it’s the same in your area, but I’ve noticed that trivia nights, even those focusing on geek topics, are becoming more popular. Naturally, the brains behind these events are geeks themselves, and they usually partner up with a pub or bar so they have a regular or rotating venue. It doesn’t matter where it happens, actually, but if you ever get to attend one of these nights, you’ll see just how social geeks can be. And did I mention competitive? You’ll probably end up in the middle of a fiery debate on the finer points of one question/answer – or two.

Fandom meetups

Fandoms are blooming the world over, and thanks to Facebook Groups and other similar platforms, geeks who are huge fans of a certain series/franchise have a venue to geek out as much as they want to. From these online platforms, more and more people are going out of their way – literally – to meet face to face and do that thing they call socializing. Whatever fandom you belong to, you are sure to find like-minded individuals on Facebook and Google Plus. Just search for your fandom, and join a group that you think will suit you.

Comic Con/Toy Con trips

Comic and toy conventions are becoming even more popular, especially with celebrities promoting them and participating. Some are lucky to live where conventions are held, while others take the extra effort to save up for that much anticipated comic con. And yes, you know participants do dress up and interact with each other.

So who said that geeks are socially awkward? Sure, there is such a thing as a generalization, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Geeks can actually be some of the most enjoyable people you can interact with, as long as the timing and situation is right. Try one of these events above, and you just might find a kindred spirit or two!

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