There are blogs. There are books. And there are blogs that become books.

Not sure what I’m talking about?

Check out “Thinks Out Loud, a Blog at First“, which is exactly what it says. It started out as a blog but is now a fully-fledged book. Paper and all.

But that’s not all that caught our interest. “Thinks Out Loud, a Blog at First” has all the elements that makes for a fun, light geek read. It takes some potshots at one of our favorite (good or bad, up to you) CEOs Jeff Bezos (or so it has been assumed). It’s about a loose band of bloggers who are forced to leave the safe confines of their Internet bubble when one is shipwrecked on a sacred South Seas isle while others try to keep the book’s manipulative high-tech CEO (Prime Mover) from gaining control of all information past, present, and future (and going way beyond cloud computing in the process).

From the get-go, the book will take you down memory lane. If you were into “real” blogging, that is. You know…those days when you wrote whatever, and you had a community of followers (majority of which may or may not have been family and friends) with whom you had actual conversations in the comments.

You will want to have the physical book in your collection and take it with you on your next trip.

You can do just that, without spending a single cent, because the author, Martin Perlman, is generously giving away 10 copies. All you need to do is follow the widget below.

The giveaway starts today, February 18 and ends on February 24. The winners will be announced on February 25.

Add a geek point to your reading list with “Thinks Out Loud, a Blog at First”. Join the giveaway below.

Good luck!

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