Get Inside Yoda's (Edible) Head

Some people have all the time (and creativity) in the world!  I remember posting an entry about Steve Jobs’ head – not the real one, but one made of cheese – earlier this year.  While the ingenuity of Ken has to be admired, I still do not think that the Cheesehead looked appetizing.  It didn’t occur to me that I would see something slightly less appetizing than that. (Not because it’s ugly, but simply because it looks as if it shouldn’t be eaten.)

Yes, that image up there is Yoda, and while he must be the most adorable character in Star Wars (I acknowledge that that statement is wide open to argument), the idea of eating that thing does not appeal to me.  Still, there is no denying that the person behind this unique cake is brimming with talent.

The gal who created this edible Yoda is tchitwood, who displayed the masterpiece at Instructables.  She is an artist taking beginner cake decorating classes – yep, just beginner – and she thought it would be fun to try her hand at making a sculpted cake.  While she did not explain how and why she decided on Yoda as the subject, she did provide details as to how she created the cake.  (I won’t go into that – you can read the entire process at Instructables.)

This much I got – she used red velvet mix for the actual cake and covered it with fondant.  The cake is layered and has buttercream icing in between the layers.  That sounds really yummy to me, but I know that I might not be able to eat anything that came from this:

Poor Yoda looks so abused!  Then again, this particular head was created to be eaten…

Seriously – tchitwood really did an amazing job with this sculpted cake.  She even put those wrinkles in!  Too good to be eaten, isn’t it?

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