Get Your Buzz On With These Star Trek Drinks

You know how sometimes your days go by in a blur?  These past two weeks have been like that for me, but it’s all good.  With a little juice here and there, everything just seemed to fall right into place.  Yes, my name is Noemi Twigg, but no, I am not an alcoholic.  I do appreciate a good drink, though. (Who doesn’t?)

If you share the same sentiments about alcoholic drinks AND if you’re a Star Trek fan, here is a bunch of drinks that will definitely not leave you wanting.  Then again, you just might want to keep on drinking, if only to sustain the whatever illusion you may be under (e.g., that you are actually interacting with species other than our own). 

I found this awesome list at Geekologie, and while it is admittedly more than a year old, the drinks can be considered timeless.  If you’re planning a party any time soon (Halloween is coming up, but you don’t really need to wait that long, do you?), you can kick things up a notch by making these drinks.  I chose several that I think will be the best hits. (Remember: drink moderately.  After all, “once alcohol hits that green blood…”)

Who hasn’t dreamed of carrying around a phaser and exclaiming “Phasers on stun”?  I don’t know about you, but whiskey is good any time!

No Star Trek-themed party will be complete without The Enterprise making an appearance at some point.  Once again, whiskey FTW!

I haven’t had gin in any form or mixture since I had a bad experience with it in college, but hey, Spock’s Mind Meld Mojito?  How can anyone say no to that?

Now I am no expert when it comes to cocktails, but these look simple enough.  Anyone want to drink this weekend?

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