If there’s any technological advancement worth paying attention to right now, it’s robotics. Robots, in one way or another, have made quite an impact in the world whether it be from a scientific standpoint or even an entertainment one. They’re so fascinating (and sometimes even terrifying), especially considering how fast the industry has grown over the years. Since it’s Ghost in the Machine Day on the 12th, let’s check out some of the best robots ever invented.

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Honda stops developing Asimo, its friendly humanoid robot, report says - CNET

ASIMO or Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility is Honda’s humanoid robot. It can recognize moving objects, postures, gestures, sounds, and faces. This gives it the ability to interact with humans. It’s also known for being able to walk, run, turn, recognize faces, and climb stairs.


Watch a next-gen robot bounce back from bullying - GeekWire

This essential humanoid robot was made to help in emergency services in search and rescue operations. This 6-feet robot was designed to perform tasks such as shutting off valves, opening doors, removing debris, climbing an industrial ladder, breaking through a concrete panel, and driving a utility vehicle. Amazing, huh?


Boston Dynamics Unveils Redesigned 'Handle' Robot for Warehouse Work - ExtremeTech

This robot proves useful in moving boxes in warehouses with its small frame, long reach, and vision system. It is even capable of unloading trucks and building pallets in facilities.

Guardian XO Super Suit

Guardian® XO® Full-Body Powered Exoskeleton - Material Handling 24/7

This exoskeleton robot gives its wearers the superpower (or we’d like to think it’s a superpower) to lift or manipulate heavy loads in excess of 100 pounds. In fact, some of Delta Air Lines’ workers are some of the first to use this technology in handling freight in their warehouses and lifting heavy machinery.


Kyvol Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum review | CNN Underscored

In 2002, Roomba came out and became every family’s dream domestic robot. It zoomed around the house, vacuuming floors and tidying things up. By now, this robot is probably already considered obsolete, but this was definitely one of the first of its kind and will always be remembered!


Lovot is a cuddly Japanese robot that aims to change your feels — Quartz

Lovot, or shall I say Love-OT, is Groove X’s huggable robot that looks sort of like a cross between a bear and an owl. It has a warm and soft body, making it the ideal emotional support that we all need from time to time. It can even help alleviate stress and be a source of happiness for some people. This is like the modern-day Furby, don’t you agree?


PETMAN Robot Walks, Turns, Has a Head, and is Creepy | The Mary Sue

This robot can also be used in search and rescue operations, but what makes it different is its ability to exhibit human physiological responses during physical exertion such as temperature control, sweating and humidity. It can also perform physical activities like calisthenics and squat thrusts. Maybe you can use it as a workout buddy too, I guess.

Da Vinci Surgical System

Concept Idea for a New da Vinci Surgical System | Medgadget

This FDA-approved robot is designed to facilitate minimally invasive surgeries using a surgeon-controlled console. It is especially useful in prostatectomies, cardiac valve repairs, and gynecologic surgical procedures. It has four arms, three of which are used to hold tools such as scissors, scalpels, or bovies. The fourth one controls the 3-D cameras.


Modular Prosthetic Limb - ROBOTS: Your Guide to the World of Robotics

It is the world’s first commercially available prosthetic hand, allowing users to move all five fingers and grip large objects. Many advancements were made to this first design. Today, a new prototype even restores patients’ sense of touch!


RoboThespian: The first commercial 'performing robot' - The Mail & Guardian

Just when you think you’ve seen every type of robot there is, they go and invent a robotic theater actor. Able to speak 30 languages, this robot performs on various stages all over the world, providing a one-of-a-kind entertainment to audiences. With its telepresence, it can also be a robot salesman or even a teacher.

Adam The Robot Scientist

Developer of Robot Scientist Wants to Standardize Science | WIRED

Robots are programmed by humans, but when they demonstrate active machine learning such as formulating hypotheses, designing experiments, and performing scientific tests, things are bound to get terrifying. We know that robots have their limits, but we still can’t help but wonder if they can take over the world one day and replace us humans.

Piaggio Gita Cargo Bot

BostInno - Watch Piaggio's New Cargo Robot 'Gita' Roll About in Cambridge [Video]

This cargo bot definitely comes in handy when you need to carry around 44 pounds of cargo. It follows you around, sort of making you like its master. It parks itself, and can roll up to 22 miles per hour which is enough to keep up with a runner or a cyclist!


Actroid Robot | Technology | Japan Bullet

This humanoid from the University of Osaka definitely looks human, and we won’t blame you if you mistake it for one. It even mimics lifelike functions such as blinking, speaking, breathing, and talking. Funnily enough, it can even react like humans by fending off a slap or a poke.

Somnox Sleep Robot

The sleep robot pillow Somnox may help with rest | Well+Good

Why purchase a weighted blanket, when you can get the Somnox Sleep Pillow. It mimics the feeling of sleeping next to another person with its lifelike breathing pattern. As a result, it helps calm down anxious sleepers to help them fall asleep faster.


AI Humanoid 'Sophia' Is Granted First Ever Robot Visa, Speaks With President

Sophia is the world’s first-ever robot to get citizenship in any country – Saudi Arabia to be exact. Designed to look like Audrey Hepburn, she is one of the most popular robots, even appearing on Good Morning Britain and the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

A Step to an AI-Powered 2020: Forex Robots

Check out the Weirdest 2020 Japanese Inventions on Ghost in the Machine Day!

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