Geektastic Gifts for Gamers on Valentine's Day 2018 Edition

Valentine’s day is kind of a sham and we can all openly admit that. A day put in place to make people in relationships get gifts for other people and a day for people who are alone to feel EXTRA alone. Again, a sham. But here in America, we like shams. Look at our newest president for example. Obviously a sham and running joke but we bit.

Same thing with Valentine’s Day. If we didn’t take to it, the day would have vanished by now, but we love it. We love shams, what can we say? But if you buy into the sham, literally, you probably want to know what to get your geek significant other for Vday. This year, keep with the gaming theme and you will be good. Here are some great example of Vday gifts for gamers.

Gifts for gamers

I Love my Geek Shirts

Come on, if you are gonna walk around with us you might as well brag! This shirt shows your geek significant other that you support them and all they do, and you let the world know it, too.

Once upon a time being with a geek was a thing people kept secret and now look how far we’ve come? Now you can pay money to brag about it in public.

A New Console

I don’t give a crap if Vday is not supposed to carry the financial burden of Christmas or birthdays. Screw that. You looking for gamer gifts you go no further than the heart of it. There is no way your significant geek has a VR console yet (very few of us do) so hell, go buy the mofo a PS VR and get ready to be worshiped by him or her.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

Or get me one and I will secretly write articles about how you are a God for the next year or so.

A Bouquet of Adorable Microbes

Flowers wilt and die and need work, and in the end, are more of a mess than anything. But certain geeks loving getting bouquets of things (see female geeks) and we know when we buy Edible Arrangements for them we eat half of them ourselves, so why not get him or her a nice bouquet of plush microbes that will never go bad, are cute as hell, and continue to send that message of:

I know you are a geek and I love you even more for it!

So do it already. Screw flowers. Plus all us geek gamers know our controllers are covered in microbes and we don’t care. We accept them, dammit!

Fallout 4 Perk Poster Puzzle

If you are dating a gamer, you are dating someone who most likely loves the Fallout series in some way or another. So to get your geek gamer a gift that is this cool would win you some points, and the thing is dirt cheap.

It is all the perks from Fallout 4, laid out in a vault. An image fans of 4 are used to. The kicker here is, you gotta build it chart puzzle-style and with so many pip-boys and so many stats looking alike, this will take any gamer geek weeks to finish.

Spider-Man Heart Shirt

I am sorry but if we are talking adorable geek gifts for gamers there also has to be at least ONE item for comic fans (as most geeks are gamers AND comic fans) so I had to include this Spider-Man heart tee because it was just too perfect to leave out. Come on, it is cute as hell.

Moving on….

Mass Effect Faux Omni-Blade

Okay, as a huge gamer and geek myself, I don’t think gifts for gamers get much more amazeballs than this. We are talking about a version of the Omni-Blade weapon used in the stellar (see what I did there?) Mass Effect series. The craziest part is, this thing looks 100% realistic (based on the game’s model) and any gamer would jizz his or cream her Pikachu undies for this gift.

The truth is, you know your geek well enough, you know what to get him or her for Vday. Just remember the things they like and buy accordingly. Or just do like I do and ignore the holiday altogether. That option is fun, too, and CHEAP!

(images via ThinkGeek)

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