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It’s an unfortunate stereotype that those interested in the fantastical, the otherworldly and the intergalactic are anti-social basement-dwellers who live their life online. Geek and nerd culture – if there is such a thing anymore – spawns legions of devoted fans who brought together by common interests, form communities.

Indeed, it can be said that culture that was once considered fringe or geeky is now firmly planted in the mainstream. Hordes of people flock to the cinema every year to catch the newest Marvel or DC creation – after all, who doesn’t want to escape reality as we know it for a couple of hours (or much, much longer…) and be plunged into a fantastical world of superheroes, adventure, pure good, and pure evil?

Forget entertainment that takes place inside, absorbed from the seat of a couch. These interactive, exciting experience gifts embrace the geek in all of us and bring us together.

From superhero tours to escape rooms and immersive theatre, we think you’ll find something unique and unusual on our list.

Read on to find the perfect geeky gift.

Superheroes Tour of New York – $35.00

Speaking of superheroes…

If your geeky giftee is obsessed with comic books and superhero movies, this is the best way for them to see New York.

Manhattan has served as the setting for many of our favorite superhero sagas, as well as the breeding ground for the creative minds who produced the larger-than-life superhero stories we know and love.

During this tour, participants will be taken down publisher’s row to see where legendary comic authors like Stan Lee, Will Eisner, and Bob Kane brought colorful characters and stories to life. They’ll also see locations where superhero movies and TV shows were filmed, led by a comic superfan who’ll deliver all the behind-the-scenes gossip and trivia a geek could wish for!

New York Virtual Reality Bus Tour – $54.00

Another essential weapon in any self-respecting geek’s arsenal is the latest in gaming technology. From handheld consoles to computers and even smartphone games, video game creators are always finding clever mediums with which to tell their stories. Virtual reality is perhaps the most immersive of all – what better way to feel like you’re really in the game?

This New York Virtual Reality Bus Tour takes that concept even further, merging virtual reality with real-life for a fully immersive adventure in the city.

Your giftee will take a one-of-a-kind journey through Downtown Manhattan in stadium-style seating, living New York’s history through their state-of-the-art virtual reality headset. The vehicle is equipped with LCD TVs and surround-sound to amp up the atmosphere.

The geek in your life will not forget this Manhattan experience gift in a hurry.

Houston Pokemon Go Sightseeing Tour – $90.00

Another example of video game innovation comes in the form of the world-merging smartphone game Pokémon Go. You might remember the advent of this addictive game when groups of people of all ages could be found dotted around parks, sidewalks, and parking lots with their eyes glued to their smartphones, trying to capture the latest fictional creature that had made its way into their real world.

We’re willing to bet that the geek in your life is a fan of one of the most popular games of all time, so why not treat them to this unique Pokémon Go tour of Houston?

They’ll be joined by a Houston tour guide and Pokémon Go expert for a journey through the city, learning about the history and architecture of Houston as they have fun searching for rare Pokémon.

An all-round experience with something for everyone, the Houston Pokémon Go Sightseeing Tour is, in particular, the ideal gift for geeks.

DC National Museum of Natural History Tour – $69.00

For geeky giftees who prefer their adventures indoors, this DC Museum of Natural History Tour makes a fun and informative experience gift.

With this two-hour museum tour, your giftee will be taken through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History by a friendly and experienced guide, taking all the guesswork out of exploring this venerable DC institution.

Joined by their guide and a small tour group for an intimate, informative tour, your giftee will examine the Hope Diamond, explore the mummies of Ancient Egypt, learn about natural wonders of the world and plenty more. Their guide will be on-hand at all times to answer any questions, making this an in-depth, personal experience for history geeks.

What are you waiting for? Surprise them with this historic experience gift in DC!

Deep Space Live Action Game In West Nyack NY – $64.00

We couldn’t resist including a second escape room-adjacent experience in this geeky gift guide; after all, what self-respecting geek could say no to a deep space-themed live-action game?

This exciting, immersive adventure spans multiple spaces and whisks its participants up into an otherworldly adventure using computer technology, special effects, and lighting. Your giftee will be tasked with investigating an abandoned spaceship, completing puzzles and games to put together the mystery.

Computer technology follows the team’s every move and adapts the game to their success rate, and at the end of the challenge they’ll receive a score on how well they did!

This Deep Space Adventure Game in New York is an exciting experience gift for the geek in your life or anyone who wants to take their love of a good puzzle to the next level!

Chicago True Crime and Mystery Bus Tour – $42.00

We’re cheating a little with this one, because really, doesn’t the morbid pull of true crime have universal appeal?

Still, whether they are a murder mystery geek or just someone tangentially interested in the macabre, the Chicago True Crime and Mystery Bus Tour makes for a fascinating couple of hours.

A seat on the Chicago Modern Murderers bus is a ticket to a grisly journey back through time, visiting various crime scenes around the city, and the locations frequented by the worst killers in Chicago’s history. The Windy City is known for its dark past, but it has its fair share of modern monsters too!

This dark Illinois adventure makes a great gift for the morbidly curious history buff!

New York City Theatrical Storytelling Tour Noir – $50.00

Continuing the dark, mysterious theme, next is this New York City Theatrical Storytelling Noir Tour.

From Dungeons and Dragons, to escape rooms, to comic books and movies, those known as ‘geeks’ are well-acquainted with storytelling in one way or another. This completely unique tour of Manhattan brings participants right into the story for an immersive journey through the city.

Whether your giftee is a Manhattan local or just visiting, this guided tour adds a touch of flair and drama to proceedings, setting it apart from the typical sightseeing tour. They’ll be joined by a theatrical and enthusiastic team of performers, who will play out a story of love, revenge and scandal as the group walks the streets of New York.

A wholly unique experience, the New York City Theatrical Storytelling Tour Noir shows your giftee a side to The Big Apple they never thought they’d see.

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