Goober in Goober out!

By Jim

We just got another jar of Goobers Peanut Butter last night from the supermarket.  I haven’t had any of those for the past 60 days (yeah I’m counting!).  Oh, okay, we got the peanut butter and grape kind, somehow strawberry doesn’t sit well.  Anyway.

I’ve long had scraped the bottom of the jar (literally), I’m a goofy Goober! I want every bit on that bread…

Off to this wonderful invention.  Yeah, I’ve thought so many times how we haven’t had a double lid jar.  I mean, we’ve been to space, to the fathoms below, sent a mission past Mars… hey, we’ve done a lot of things as a race didn’t we.  And yet we’ve just had a double lid jar nooooow???

I hope this idea catches on quickly… I wouldn’t mind paying an extra buck for that double lid marvel!

Thank you Sherwood Forlee, you’re a terrific inventor!

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