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Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Tucker and Dale vs Evil

GoodBadFlicks is one of my favorite YouTube pages because they do the OPPOSITE of what most YouTubers do these days. Instead of talking crap or picking something apart, GoodBadFlicks actually take a movie they think is great or underappreciated and bring to light some if its best qualities and why it deserves more love than it initially got. In this case, they are talking about the (literally) side-splitting horror comedy Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil. If you have not seen this movie, stop now and go watch it before you watch this. The movie is up there with Shaun of the Dead for horror comedies, no doubt, and this video explains in great detail as to why this films works so well. Basically, it is both gory as hell and funny and amid all that, somehow has heart (which you do not get in these kind of movies) AND manages to be self aware and self-satirical at the same time.

Plus, just to see the titular characters fumble their way from one horrific mess to another, all with pure intentions, is a fun spin on the slasher genre and ends up being a laugh riot and bloody good time (emphasis on the bloody) from start to finish.

Plus, YouTube needs more people like the fine folks at GoodBadFlicks who, instead of talking crap about everything like everyone seems to enjoy so much these days, they actually point out positives, and it is nice to see that in a landscape full of people who are always bitching about everything. Plus, this will make you want to see this hilarious movie, too, so everyone wins.

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