Good Habits of People Who Have Awesome Geek Collections

We all have our collections, no matter how large or small they may be. Your collection may focus on specific items, like action figures, for examples. Or perhaps you have a book collection that completely fills up your room – floor included. Then there are game collections, which, sometimes, no matter how big, seems like there is never anything to play. Of course, there are collectors who go for a wide range of items, probably including all of the above.

Have you ever envied those people who seem to have an endless supply of money to buy whatever they want to add to their geek collection?

Truth be told, while they might have more disposable income than others, they probably have good habits that help them make the most of their money – all in the name of satisfying their hoarding urges. If you want to expand your geek collections faster than you are doing right now, check out these “habits”, and maybe by the end of the year, you’ll be a happier collector than you’ve ever been.

Always check out Amazon deals.

Amazon always has deals that are very attractive. They have discounts ranging from (the low) 5 percent to (awesome) 70+ percent. I’ve found that the trick is to periodically check “Today’s Deals“. While it is not exclusive to geek items, you will almost always find something to add to your collection.

Don’t ignore voucher sites.

Vouchers are usually associated with grandmothers sitting at the table, snipping coupons from the newspaper; but those days are gone. There are excellent sites where you can find significant discounts on various items, geeky collectibles among them.

Set aside a little money every time something comes in.

I find this to be very effective. It’s something like saving up for a rainy day, but this is for something specific: when you find something to add to your collection that’s usually out of your budget range.

For example, you get your wages for the month, why not set aside $10, $20, or even $30 that you won’t touch unless you come across an item you really want? These may be small amounts, but they do add up, especially if you don’t spend for a while.

Always buy something you like when you see it on sale.

This is something related to the previous habit. If you’re strolling around the mall, or you’re browsing online, and you find something on sale, go for it! Even if you haven’t really been yearning for the thing in the first place, but you know it will be a good addition to your collection, just buy it. You never know when it will go on sale again.

Look for secondhand items.

There is no dearth of secondhand geeky collectibles out there. You might have a group of friends who want to get rid of double copies or they may just need money. There is a host of secondhand items up for sale on eBay and other online shops. Just be patient – and careful – and you’ll always have a cheap way of sourcing items for your geek collections.

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