Good News/Bad News: Blizzard Is Fixing the WoW Classic Gold Farming Exploits

World of Warcraft Classic is being re-released with the retail version being streamlined into a better version of itself than when it first released 15 years ago. WoW Classic will open up to everyone on August 27th so mark the date on your calendars if you’re excited to delve back into the classic world but remember, there are some new things.

If you were hoping to use the old exploits to farm gold then bad news, Blizzard has dealt with those issues and they are hoping to keep the black market under control. So it will be harder to buy WoW gold from gold farmers.

It’s actually been confirmed that while the current World of Warcraft allows players to buy WoW gold through the Token System, this won’t happen in Classic. However, players can farm gold in modern WoW and use that to keep their subscription since it will give them another month of Classic WoW access also. It just won’t be possible to do this in Classic World of Warcraft after it launches later this month.

This is an effort to reduce the automatic programs that some players run to obtain gold for them to sell or use to keep their subscriptions. Programs such as that are actually against the terms of service and Blizzard have much better systems for detecting such algorithms so they can keep gold farming under control.

There has been no news yet on how Blizzard intends to deal with gold farmers and others who break the terms of service by using such programs so hopefully, they will announce it soon. For now, it looks like players will need to buy World of Warcraft classic gold obtained through legal methods or just collect it themselves.

For now, if you haven’t done so already then you should really look at reserving your WoW Classic username. All you need is an active World of Warcraft subscription or some game time on your account so you can reserve the same name you’ve used before:

  • Log in to
  • Select World of Warcraft then World of Warcraft Classic from the version menu
  • Hit that install button if you don’t already have the game installed
  • Launch the game and create a new character.

That’s all you need to do! Players can make up to three characters per WoW account before WoW Classic launches later this month. You don’t need to pay anything to make the accounts so when you buy WoW gold you can keep it all and put it towards something else.

It’s possible to choose factions, classes and races already as you can customise the characters fully. Just remember that if you delete them then you also lose the name so be sure to grab the names you want and keep them. However, if you play on a PVP realm then you can only create characters within the same faction so do keep that in mind. If you think three characters is kind of limiting then no worries, when World of Warcraft Classic launches you will be able to create up to 10 characters in any realm and up to 50 in total across all Wow Classic realms.

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