How A Good VPN Can Improve Your Binge Watching (and Overall Life)

If you know people who still don’t use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you still know people stuck in the ice age. We are at the point in technology where we need to do all we can to erase our cyber footprint and make sure that what is important and private to us stays that way. A VPN ensures your online presence is all but invisible while also making any of your personal information illegible and untraceable. So what does a VPN have to do with binge watching TV? Everything!

Please allow me to explain.

Privacy VS Piracy

Some people think only people who steal TV or movies online needs to use a VPN, but that is not the case. Everyone should be using a VPN as otherwise, you are essentially leaving your house unlocked while you go on proverbial vacation.

What I mean is, a VPN should be used by anyone on the web these days just for simple, safety reasons. It is like someone walking after you and blowing away your footprints so nobody else can follow you. It simply assures you are blameless for anything that may or may not go on, and also lets you keep your anonymity while browsing or watching, and we all know how little anonymity we get in the modern world.

Why Mention TV Watching?

Netflix is a perfect example to bring up when talking about the benefits of a VPN, simply because, VPN’s can make it so you can access all of Netflix’s REAL catalogue (meaning stuff coded for different regions). Believe it or not, Netflix Canada and Netflix US and Netflix Brazil are ALL different and have different shows and movies as a result.

Using a VPN can help you access the stuff that is regionally locked, which is pretty amazing. Netflix Canada is unsurprisingly a little-more family-friendly than Netflix U.S. It’s cool to just use a VPN and see what else you can access for entertainment purposes.

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Bypass Web Censorship

That is the real kicker with a good VPN, is the ability to bypass any bullshit that may be buried in codes that censors or alters certain material. You will see this a lot of certain places regionally (Far East), where a great deal of content online is censored due to social constraints and laws and such.

A VPN acts as a sort of POLE to vault you over that nonsense so you can be sure you are getting the real thing, uncensored and unchanged, whatever that may be.

A VPN Doesn’t Log Your Searches

What is better than that? At a time in history when the biggest running joke is “If I die, delete my search history”, the truth is, we have all looked up and watched some things we wouldn’t want anyone else knowing about. On the regular web with no VPN and on one of the mega famous browsers (like Google), every step you take is watched.

But a VPN is a virtual invisibility cloak to what you have been searching for or watching, no matter how weird. They can’t judge you for something they don’t know happened.

Watch Home Stuff FAR Away While Traveling

That is the other reason I brought up Netflix. When you are traveling, sometimes traveling WiFi hotspots are not so hot if you catch my drift. If you have a VPN and use a tunnel connection, this means you can watch all the stuff you would watch at your house or locally, only you can be as far away as you like (and it doesn’t effect or compromise FPS or display).

That a very solid feature and another big draw of a VPN.

We also have to discuss the real reason VPNs exist…..

You Have the Right to Privacy!

In the end, that is what this all boils down to. You have the right, as a human being, to complete and utter privacy. Well, kind of. That is the final point on why a VPN isn’t just helpful but necessary. It keeps your information private, it masks you to people who want to steal your identity or hassle you or rob you and as an American, above all else, you have the right to freedom.

That freedom is now called a VPN and it comes at a (very small, worthwhile) price.

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