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In the past couple of months a new form of media called Podcasting has become popular among computer geeks, and with iTunes 4 more people were able to start accessing these podcasts. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular because of their uncensored information that is rarely influenced by outsiders. But the problem with Podcasting is that it is mostly audio. With the release of the new iPod (5th generation), with video support, we’ll probably begin to see a new wave of online video, currently referred to as “VODcasting”, or Video On Demand casting.

Right now there are a few good VODcasts that I’ve been watching lately so I made a list.

1. Systm is an online technology show. So far they have released four episodes and a “Subsystm Episode”. The topics they covered are Podcasting, taking apart an iPod nano, making high quality A/V cables, MythTV, and watching other people’s security cameras. It takes them about a month to come out with each episode, but if you haven’t watched any of these I would reccomend catching up.

2. is a show that discusses the latest in gaming and video games. It is hosted by Jenn Cutter, who rates games and shows you new gaming technology. So far there are three episodes out, and I’m sure there will be more to come.

3. macTV – If you’re an Apple fanatic then this show is for you. It contains old Apple commercials, Apple presentations, etc…

Update: I don’t know how I left this one off my list but here it is:

4.DigitalLifeTV – This is probably one of the most professional VODcasts out there. Their release dates are the most consistent, the show is live on Tuesdays and is then released in a variety of different formats on Wednesday.


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