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GoodBye Cable: Why Hulu and Netflix Beat the Beast


There was once a time when all the family or the squad would gather together in front of the television to watch programs together because, well, they had no choice. TV was ON the actual TV and it chose what time it was on , not you. So if you had a show you really liked you had to (eek) cancel plans that day and put the actual time aside to watch those shows when they aired. Now, the question for the people who still live like that is why? Why live like a slave to the cable and its exact hours of strict rules when generally, Netflix, Hulu, and the web is all you really need now for television entertainment, and on your time, not theirs.

So it looks like it is time to ditch the cable and go for the purely online option, which I have been doing for a years now and haven’t missed a damn thing (and am richer for it).

Hulu vs Netflix


This used to be the question. Which ONE is better? The truth is, the logic behind the question was silly because the answer was based on who was asking it and what they liked. Hulu’s movie game at first was weaker with their TV game being stronger, with the opposite initially being said for Netflix as well (great movies, blah shows) but then something big shifted in pop culture and both have switched.

Now both provide and equally useful service much cheaper than cable, so why not ditch the hundred fifty dollar package you have and pay closer to twenty five bucks a month for the same stuff, only set aside to watch when YOU want?

See what I’m saying here? Common sense wins.

Regional Problems


It might be easy for someone in the U.S to say that making the switch from a massive cable bill to Hulu and Netflix only is cheaper and smarter, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily the EASIEST thing to do. The trick is using Hulu UK access with a smart DNS proxy, pretty simple stuff really. And they have things like that for  almost every region now.

There are ways around (and to properly deal with) regional locks that can make this just as easy for everyone as it was for me.

Which One is Better?


That was the idea behind the initial piece here, which of the two services provided a better and more varied catalog, then it hit me. First off, these catalogs change country to country and second, picking a favorite doesn’t work with a service as wide and varied as Hulu and Netflix are.

Someone may like Hulu more because they tend to offer more art house films. That’s fine. Some people may like Netflix more because they provide those new, kick-ass marvel shows (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil). There is no right or wrong, which is why it turned from “which one is better” into “why you should have both instead of cable.”

What About Cable Shows We Love?


That’s the kicker. You may not be able to see them the day they air, but currently Netflix and Hulu or getting rights to shows quite fast, which means even if you don’t seee your favorite show the date it aired, you WILL see it eventually and inevitably.

And when you drop a cable bill, you realize how much more money you will have every year  and that will leave you elated. Let’s do the math. Most good cable packages float around one twenty to two hundred dollars a month. Hulu and Netflix together will cost you around twenty. This saves you close to two grand a year.

Yes, I just saved you two thousand dollars a year. No need to thank me. Unless you really want to.

Gives the Viewer Ultimate Control


Back in the 80’s and 90’s it would suck to rush home from hanging with your friends or whatever only to miss the first five minutes of your show. Now, you literally NEVER have to worry about that foible again. Your shows air when YOU want them too, and you can even binge watch them if you want. Science has proven that is a sound way to watch TV and actually remember it.

So pay what YOU want. Watch on YOUR time. This is how TV should have been from the start. Oh, and you have been paying way too much for way too little. Someone had to tell you.

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