Google Goes Geek With Command Line

They say real geeks know how to work the command line. If you’re lost at this point, then maybe you ought to do a little bit of research before proceeding. Else, just give up on this post already.

As of today, Google geeks can rejoice over having more (and easier) control over their Google Apps. Google has released what is called GoogleCL (not very creative, I know). This program can be used to manipulate Google applications such as Blogger, Docs, Calendar, Picasa, and even YouTube. The program is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Let it not be said that Google discriminates based on operating system!

With GoogleCL, we can all just key in commands to automate certain tasks – the delay of having to point and click is done away with. Here are some examples.

google blogger post –tags “GoogleCL” –title “Test” “Guess what? I’m posting using the command line!”

google calendar add “Coffee with Lenna today at 7pm” # add event to calendar

google contacts add “John Doe, [email protected]

Understandably, not everyone will be clapping their hands with joy because of this piece of news. I was just telling a colleague about it when she looked at me with a blank expression on her face…as if thinking “What’s wrong with her?”

I am pretty sure, though, that GoogleCL will have a pretty strong following in certain circles. I can already name a few who will, for sure, use it – they’re probably trying it out already. What about you, does GoogleCL mean anything to you?

If you want instructions for installing GoogleCL, check out PCWorld (for Windows Vista) and Lifehacker (for Unix).

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