Google Nexus One Or The iPhone?

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Oh, the decisions we have to make in life! Less than two weeks into 2010 and I am already facing a dilemma. You see, I have a LONG list of resolutions for this year. If you read my post earlier this week, you’d know that one of them is to finally buy an iPhone. No more self-restraint or el cheapo mode for me – at least for this gadget. Then I started reading up on Google Nexus One.

Was this a mistake or a stroke of luck?

You tell me. I should receive some news later today about “my” iPhone, but I am thinking that maybe it is the Nexus One that I really want. It is available online now, but can be shipped only to destinations in the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore (Republic of Singapore). Bummer for us who live in other countries! (Still, there are workarounds if you really want the phone.)

Anyhow, so which phone is better? One of the most useful comparisons I read can be found at iSmashPhone. The conclusion is that the Nexus One is better for users who are not heavily dependent on the apps available for the iPhone. If you belong to the latter group, then you are going to miss those apps. Then again, the Nexus One is so new – I am pretty sure that it will have its own array of apps before long.

Another plus point for me is that I can buy the Nexus One more easily than the iPhone – no tie ups with a network, no need to jailbreak, and CHEAPER!

So what’s it gonna be? I’d appreciate your input!

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