Grannie's PC

By Jim

This has got to be one of the most “inspired” and perhaps coolest PC I’ve ever seen.  This baby was created by Jake von Slatt of Steampunk. Check out their webpage and see how this Victorian-era inspired PC is made from scratch.  It should spark in some bright ideas for sure the “theme-PC” market sure does look like a market ready for the picking.  You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that the base material is a generic flat screen and a regular keyboard, laden with the old typewriter keys you see above.

Yeah, it’s a given that this wouldn’t be your main PC station.  But truth to tell, you wouldn’t keep it in the closet too.  Either you’d place this near your good ‘ol Mac or Dell… or it’ll be in granpa’s den.  Ever wanted to get Gramps send you an email like the rest of the world,  try building a bably like this for Gramps.

Well, enough said, Jake has a video of him working out this baby to perfection.

Just tooooo bad it’s not for sale!

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