Comic books are one of the best inventions in the world, being the ones that were used to create cartoons, huge selling movies, t-shirts, toys, PC games, boardgames and many others. We grew with comic books and now we continue this passion by watching the movies.

One of the best things at comics are the fonts that are being used, being extremely important in delivering correctly the message. Comics are traditionally hand-lettered by an artist who specializes in customizing scripts for each comic.

There are several reasons for this. Placement, shape and size of dialogue bubbles and letters all change the basic tone of the conversation.

Notice the jagged dialogue bubbles and heavy emphasis on the name “Odin” in this old Jack Kirby image of the All-Father.

The bold lettering, dominant placement and increased letter size combined to convey that the first dialogue bubble is meant to be heard as a grand, booming announcement.

The comparatively smaller dialogue in the other bubbles is merely informational, with important phrases bolded for emphasis.

Below you will find 5 popular fonts that are used in comic books and you can use in your personal projects.

  1. Anime Ace 2

2. Digital Strip

3. Laffayette Comic Pro

4. Crimefighter

5. Universal fruitcake

5. Komika Title

How to identify new fonts from comic books? Super simple.

What if we see a font that we love in our comic book? How can we find out where to get it from, if it is free or paid, and eventually, how can we get alternatives if it is expensive? It is super simple, take a screenshot and use WhatFontIs – the most powerful, fast and reliable font identifier on the market.

WhatFontIs is a complete solution, being loaded with over 490k free and commercial fonts, and a powerful AI font identifier software that will do the hard work for you.

Follow these easy 4 steps.

  1. Upload the screenshot of the comic book or simply write down the URL of the picture.

Here is an example of what I am looking for to identify – the font from the below picture.

  1. Right after you need to verify if the characters viewed by WhatFontis match the characters of your uploaded image.
  2. The software will identify the font for you. If it doesn’t find the right match, it suggests 100 alternatives you can scroll down through and choose the one that most resembles your font. In most cases, What Font is also specifies the websites where you may download/buy the identified fonts from.
    Many of these fonts are available for free download.

WhatFontIs will help you save tons of time and always find the font you are looking for.

The premium account has a lot to offer and you get rid of the ads for only $29.9 per year:

  • Unlimited number of fonts identifications
  • Unlimited access to over 490,000 fonts results
  • Identify fonts by price
  • Custom text preview
  • Auto character recognition system
  • Select sources for commercial fonts)

Once you start using WhatFontIs, you will never stop using it. Find any font you love in minutes.

There are a few systems that claim to identify the font, some are good, some are bad but there is only one that does the job everytime. 
After testing all of them we found that WhatFontIs to be the best, because of its huge database with both free and commercial fonts .   

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