The Greatest Animated Film Ever Made...Is a Comic Book!


Such lofty words. Such high praise. But almost completely… mostly… true.

You see, for over 10 years now, Scott Christian Sava has been creating an epic fantasy graphic novel series for his twin sons (now 10) and putting it online for all to read.

For 10 years, he has amassed over 30 million readers and produced almost 1800 pages…and given it away…for FREE.

“So what?” you might ask. “There are tons of comics online.”

True. But how many of them look like this?

or this?

Or even this?

This is the Dreamland Chronicles!

Dreamland was created to look like an animated feature film. Every character. Every environment. The entire world of Dreamland was designed from scratch.

Conceived by character designers. Modeled by professional 3D modellers from Hollywood. Every detail. Every nuance.

All for his kids. All for every kid.

And that’s Dreamland’s biggest draw. Not the art. Not the epic-ness of scope. But the fact that ANYONE can read it.

Young. Old. Moms. Cousins.

Dreamland is for everyone.


The original impetus for it all actually came from Winsor McCay’s turn of the century (the 19th-20th century) comic, Little Nemo in Slumberland.

From there, Scott added elements from some of his favorite books and movies.

The Princess Bride, The Neverending Story, The Hobbit (the book), and the John Carter of Mars series.

Elves, Dwarves, Giants, Dragons, Knights, Fairies, Mermaids, and more.

Pretty much a “Kitchen Sink” of fantasy tropes all thrown in to create the wonderful world of Dreamland.


What if you lost your sense of adventure? What if you stopped dreaming and your imagination was left to wither away?

In THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES, writer and artist Scott Christian Sava introduces us to a character who must dream in order to enter into and become part of an alternative world. Drawn in computerized 3D imagery with computer graphics, Sava elaborately creates a place of the imagination where creatures both big and small, kind and deadly, are on the loose.

Originally a web-based comic launched in 2006, THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES has made its way to the printed page in book form. It’s clear that Sava works hard to reach out to his audience, asking advice for characters and for his illustrations as the stories develop. This connection with his readers brings an interesting twist to THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES and demonstrates Sava’s understanding of audience. Sava’s story series has been nominated for numerous awards and won Best Graphic Novel of 2006 in Comics Buyer’s Guide’s 25th Annual Fan Awards.

The plot revolves around a main character, Alex, who grew up entering Dreamland as he slept at night, and then relaying his tales of adventure to his twin brother, Daniel. On his 12th birthday, while in Dreamland, Alex finds a sword inside a tomb. And there is a fierce dragon guarding the tomb. In danger from the dragon, sword in hand, Alex suddenly comes out of his dream and never dreams again for the next eight years, when THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES picks up the story.

The story opens with Alex and Daniel as college roommates. Alex no longer believes that Dreamland was ever a real place, and he lost the ability to dream, and his twin brother is disheartened by the change he sees in his sibling. But then, Alex is brought back to Dreamland and the story unfolds as Alex is called on to help solve the mystery of the disappearance of the parents of one of his Dreamland friend and he must help save this world inside of his imagination.


In 2006, Scott began putting a page a day up on his website for all to read…for free.

Now, 8 years and almost eighteen hundred pages later, the story nears its completion.

Click the image above and read through the entire series so far.


Just two days ago, The Dreamland Chronicles Book Seven began funding on Kickstarter.

Now, at almost 80% funding in just under 2 days, they begin their quest to fund PUSH GOALS.

We encourage all readers to join in and help fund not only the seventh book of the series, but more plush toys, exclusive prints, sword necklaces, and more.

Check in daily for updates as Scott continues to interact with readers throughout the kickstarter drive.

Every book will be signed by Scott with individual sketches and personalization all done for free for every order.

Check it out. Join in. Read along. And become a fan!

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