Greg Pak's Vision Of The Future

By far the coolest thing I have read this week has to be Greg Pak’s Vision Machine. If as well as being a comics geek, you happen to be a techno-geek as well, then this offering is a treat.

And what is better is that it is free! You can download it from here.

Greg offers up a whole new world that takes the concept of the smart phone (and those 3D glasses that still seem as hideous as their ancestors) just one step further, combining the concepts of the new media, social media, MMORPGs, and the greater avenues that we can all utilise today to express our creativity.

Of course, every good story has it’s antagonists, and here Vision Machine offers a reflection of the real world, where the media giants are demanding their share of the money generated, as they claim to have ‘lost’ it. Despite following the various arguments about whether copyright supports or stifles innovation and creativity, never have I seen the arguments put forward in so highly entertaining a fashion. It almost perfectly mirrors the struggle between new and old media, between the individual and the status quo and of course, high finance against everybody.

Vision Machine has been the recipient of rave reviews right across the net, and this is highly deserved. You may be familiar with Greg’s work already, from the recent Chaos War and its build up in the Hercules minis to X-Men: Pheonix – Endsong and World War Hulk. There is an absence of spandex in this graphic novel however, (well, real spandex anyway, there’s a smattering of virtual spandex), but that only serves to make this tale more compelling. You don’t need to know anything before reading, no previous continuity, no complex legal arguments; this is a self contained pleasure.

Of course, if this inspires you, and you want to carry on the fight with the OOTONs (Off Of The Official Network – that’s you DarkNet users, and probably many independent creators as well), then there are real world solutions, such as the Elecronic Frontier Foundation, or even just do a google search on the Net Neutrality debate. It will be worth it.

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