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So, you don’t want to spend the money on a nice pair of shure, etymotics, or futuresonics in-ear headphones (or the so-so apple ones), or you want to keep the nice white “I have a $400 piece of easily fenced equipment in my pocket please mug me” ear buds… but you want to improve the sound? Or maybe just the fit — the default ipod earbuds aren’t that comfortable after all. Well, now, for only $20 bucks (plus whatever they charge for shipping), you can.

Enter the Griffin EarJams. These nifty little plastic cups clip onto your ipod earbuds, and pipe the sound through a thin plastic tube, which you jam in your ear after covering it with one of the three soft rubber pads, sized for small, medium, and holy-cow-I-lost-a-finger-in-there ear canals.

If you’re not familiar with in-ear phones, the basic idea is that they seal out external sound like earplugs, so all you hear is your music. The tight seal and slightly pressurized air they push into your ear canal increase the bass response of the earphones quite a bit (if they’re put in right, anyway). You also can run your ipod at a lower volume, because the isolation cuts out the background sound you’ve been turning it up to drown out. You can learn more here.

Not a bad deal, overall. If only the ipod earbuds sounded really good in the first place, I’d get a set… but I think I’ll stick to my shures. :-)

What? don’t have an ipod yet??? Didn’t you know you can get them for free now? Read our entry on for more details.

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