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You geeked out and created a great product, found a perfect niche and got amazing individuals to work by your side. With so much to do, you want to work on the important stuff. Why not use Waccal for everything else?

Waccal connects startups and investors and in a user-friendly website that promotes direct interactions, to get massive growth for startups. With Waccal, companies create pitches, raise capital and get feedback on their product from the right people.

This organic, down-to-earth approach to networking is a refreshing alternative to arranging meetings to pitch your products to investors. The main issue with the traditional model is that realistically if you have to ask everyone on the planet if they want to invest in a certain startup, you’re going to have to hear a lot of “no”s. With the platform, startups don’t have to repeat endlessly their companies pitch, they make a profile and let it speak for itself, only interacting with people that are actually interested in the idea and eliminating wasted time. As the company casually states on its website, it “removes the bullshit, inefficiencies, and inaccuracies that come with all of this so you can focus on what’s important: Growing.”

Waccal co-founders Anil and Ashfaq Mohammed.

Ashfaq and Anil Mohammed, brothers and co-founders of Waccal, began creating the startup in 2016. Seasoned in entrepreneurial finance, they aimed at helping reduce the WACC of startups, the main indicator investors look at when crunching numbers for investing. From their headquarters in Kirkland, Washington they have helped thousands of other startups succeed.

In an interview on GeekWire, Ashfaq said: “The smartest move we’ve made so far is to not fall into the trap of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We instead created a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP)”, emphasizing the importance of a having a great product to facilitate getting initial traction and eventual success.

He continued to reveal the philosophy behind their unique product: “We invested time and energy in creating a great experience for our users, that is rooted by efficiency, accuracy, and beautiful design. This is what will motivate our users to come back to our site and continue from where they left off. If we didn’t provide a great user experience, we aren’t fixing the problem that we intended to solve.”

Their take on this problem is to reduce costs by bringing together in a single platform everything a company needs to attract attention and reactions from entrepreneur-savvy individuals or companies. Sign up, create a profile, upload a portfolio, create your pitch for others to see, reach and close new deals, manage funding rounds – a pretty straightforward path to success.

Whether a business is at the seed stage or is already an established company, the platform promises to reduce their growing pains. Four different modules, or apps, within the website, enable organized interactions for your every need: Profile, Network, Portfolio, and Capital.

Show your true potential through these apps and see your available capital grow with the help of angel investors, venture capital firms, financial institutions that chose the website for the same reasons startups do. For companies and groups of investors, the website offers the same intuitive layout that facilitates exploring new businesses for consideration and investment, as well as posting their portfolio for startups to see whether they would be a good match for their business.

A special category of users, ‘Individual Investor / Surfer’, comprise the driving force behind the website’s feedback capabilities. These users can interact, invest and comment on ideas they love, providing a personal level of support that is akin to crowdfunding but with a layer of professional involvement. Investing in like-minded startups is a great way to build rapport and increase the visibility of your involvement in a certain field.

As you can see in their privacy policy, they are a company striving to be a transparent and unpretentious alternative in a tough funding environment. So if you have a passion to pursue, an idea to develop and a team to lead, Waccal might be the tool you need to bring it all together.

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