GTA Go: Coming Soon (Parody)

With Pokemon Go becoming such a huge hit and pretty much getting everyone to download the game just to at least TRY it, you knew it was just a matter of time before other game companies followed suit. In this case, Rockstar decided if, we can do what NintenDON’T (God I hope you geeks get that reference) and they are releasing GTA Go next week, free to all IOS users.

The game will be laid out much the same as Pokemon Go, except instead of Pokestops and random Pokemon sitings, you will get GTA style missions and assignments. Using your own phone and GPS, GTA Go will find the nicest cars in your area and encourage you to actually steal them, with you getting more points and opening up more missions the more ACTUAL mayhem you cause in the real world. There will even be certain “hot spots” in every city where players can gather and have riots or gang fights or shoot outs.

By the way, we pray you can detect sarcasm and know none of the above is true, but rather, is a parody we thought was pretty awesome so we just squeezed it for all it was worth. Thanks Reddit, stuff like this makes the internet about a thousand times more bearable sometimes.

Again, to repeat, this is all a joke so if this got you excited, you need to go get some therapy. Running people over and banging hookers should NOT be something you want to do in real life. In video games though, it can be great fun, I wont even lie. But know where to draw the line, people. That being said, yes, I would download this if it was real, too.


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