GTA V and Constructing a Great Gaming Room

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is one of those gaming experiences that not only engages the player(s) on an imaginative level, but it also puts into perspective how much more visceral a person’s gaming experience can be were they to take into consideration the environment that they are gaming in. GTA V boasts impressive graphics, professionally-mixed sound, a storyline that works in concert with all of its parts, and a campaign that is fun to play alone or with your best friend. The car chases, side missions, co-op, and other gameplay features lend themselves to being experienced in a room or area that can extrapolate the finer nuances Rockstar games, the developer of GTA V, had envisioned when developing it.


With this in mind, let us outline a helpful guide that will inform those wanting to heighten GTA V’s, as well as other titles, potential.


Building a Command Center


Video games have been increasing in popularity since pinball machines first rolled off the assembly lines decades ago. Today, the modern gamer has so many customizable options at their disposal that narrowing down the most important aspects of a top-flight gaming room can be a daunting undertaking. Knowing what to include and what to leave out is often the most important decision to make when constructing a gaming room worthy of display. But as you will see, a slew of other considerations need to be addressed as well.

Compartmentalize and Streamline

One of the first things the hardcore gamer needs to contemplate is storage. Putting in customized storage and shelving is a good first step in transforming that negative space into something productive. It is also an excellent idea to pinpoint the center of your gaming activities and begin working outward from there. Keeping all of your major accessories and gaming equipment in one central locale will cut down on unnecessary wire installation, for example. Also, having storage containers and shelving that holds your consoles and other accoutrements safely is desirable. Check out this setup to see how to store all the game consoles ever created!


Proper Furnishings


Your gaming room is not intended to double as a second living room, so when selecting furniture for it, keep in mind that easier is better. Staging and seating space is perhaps the one aspect of a gaming room that does not get enough attention. There are dozens of gaming chairs and furniture that are designed to be easily moved and stored; that are meant to be comfortable as well as functional. If on a budget, milk or wood crates will do nicely as a stand-in for end tables or stands.




Do not let the ascetic value of your room go unaddressed. Feel free to use your imagination and turn that bland, bare wall into a gaming shrine, so to speak. It is your room after all, so let this one room reflect who you are. Stickers, posters, and other works of gaming art will all find a good home in your gaming room. But do not stop there. Customizing your consoles and controller is still en vogue, so take advantage of gaming console and controller decals and skins. There are thousands to choose from, which makes finding the one look and feel that has eluded you that much more manageable.


High-def Surround Sound


As with movies, sound plays an integral role in the overall enjoyment in gaming, too. Who does not like to hear the sound of bullets whistling by their ears when playing Call of Duty, for example? An audio receiver and surround speakers, if you are in the market for them, will undoubtedly enhance things. If you want to go all out, many homes have attics, and you can run the wires to your surround speakers down and out through your walls to give a more seamless and aesthetically-pleasing look.


The Center Piece

Obviously a television is usually required to see your video game’s graphics, so the better your television, the better your gaming will be. First, consider channeling your digital signals through an HDMI cable versus the typical analog plugs that come with most gaming consoles. The picture, when displayed on a high definition television, will snap and crackle to life with vibrant colors and images, so much so that you may wonder why you waited so long to make the upgrade. Also, positioning the television in such a way as to avoid glare is important. This needs to be worked out in tandem with your lighting scheme.



Last, but certainly not least, is deciding how you are going to store all of those Mountain Dews and Cup Cakes! As with any kitchen appliance, there are hundreds of models of refrigerators and bars that can be used in your gaming room. First, consider how large they or it needs to be. Next, consider the price and if you can afford to get just the right one. Lastly, make sure you have accounted for these fixtures when designing the floor plan of your gaming room. You do not want to get to the last step and realize you have no room for it.

Making Compromises with the Masses

Regardless of how functional this new gaming den might be, it is very likely that it could potentially cause some issues and strife amongst the non-gamers in the house. Some people will just never get your need for speed.

In order to alleviate this stress, be sure to keep the aesthetics and design of the room in mind – following traditional decorative norms will help make this new super command center an asset for the home, instead of an eye sore.

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