Guitar Hero On Tour Review

Format: Nintendo DS
Available: Now
Price: Around $50

Now that Guitar Hero has just about hit every major home console out there, it was really only a matter of time before the developers decided that a handheld should get in on the action too.  In this case, it is the turn of the Nintendo DS – the now famous dual screen console with almost as much innovation on it as the home console big brother, the Nintendo Wii.

Shrinking the game down for the DS involves using an attachment that comes with the game, providing an extra four button unit with which to interact with the game.  Holding the console in the portrait position (that’s tall, rather than long) you then use the touch screen to strum part of the guitar while the other screen shows the guitar neck with sliding notes showing when you have to bash the four buttons.

There are 25 songs available in all
, each of them in a different difficulty level.  On top of that, you can go head to head with the CPU or even another player. Perhaps one thing that makes it stand out against the console game is the four buttons – the home version has five – and is a little more awkward to play.  However, it is still a great game and if you’re a fan of the console games then you’ll no doubt want this.

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