Gunbuster 2 from Gainax and Director of FLCL

By reia

Mark your calendars–the Japanese DVD release of Gunbuster 2 (aka Top wo Nerae! 2) is available on DVD on November 26, 2004.

From The Gunbuster Index:

The war between mankind and the Uchuu Kaiju (space monsters) didn’t end after Noriko had disappeared in the final battle.
The military conflict between both combatants has been continuing on. No one can match the Uchuu Kaiju (space monsters)
in battle. The only exception to this is “TOPLESS”, the fighter group consisting of only children having supernatural powers,
and Buster Machines operated by them. Nono is a young girl fresh from the countryside and a candidate to become a space
force pilot. She meets Raruku who is the strongest member of TOPLESS. Nono adores her as her “Oneesama” (senior sister).
The Uchuu Kaiju are closing in on Mankind’s home planet once again. Nono fights them in order to aim for the top together
with her teammates, Nicola and Chiko.

For the uninitiated, Studio Gainax is most well known for releasing Neon Genesis Evangelion (aka Eva), the controversial–because it was deep in religious metaphors, Oedipal complexes, and uber-sexy under-age femmes–mecha anime.

If that doesn’t ring a bell, other popular offerings of Gainax include FLCL (aka Furi Kuri), KareKano (aka His and Her Circumstances), Nadia (aka The Secret of Blue Water), and the cult hit, Otaku no Video, which in essence is a mockumentary of anime proportions.

If those animes sound like your style, give Gunbuster 2 a try!

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