Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for the Last Minute Geek

Halloween, a geek-favorite holiday for many reasons, will soon be upon us. Some creative folks keep the spirit up for most of the year by spending months preparing their next Halloween costume for the holiday that is considered to be the second largest cosplay event of the year, next to ComicCon. However, lots of us just now might be thinking, “Hmm, I’d better be finding a Halloween costume soon unless I want to end up wearing an uninspired ‘This is my costume’ shirt.”

Going as yourself could be an option… if only there a made to look like you that you could wear… Sadly, not everyone can be so lucky as Bryan Cranston. Also, it may not be a particularly good idea to just sling on a hoodie and a deep, foreboding look this year, even if you swear that you’re supposed to be Arrow…

Luckily, the Internet provides plenty of creative inspiration or ready-made solutions to fit the budget and tastes of any geek. .  From real life superheroes, to the latest social media craze. Geeks love to include of kids and pets, too. The trends this year include old standbys such as superheroes, monsters, and celebrities. Some women in the geek set are moving away from the controversial sexy costume, and there are those among them who are fine to genderbend popular characters. If Battlestar Galactica could officially bend Lt. Starbuck, why not? (I’ve been Indiana Jones and a Civil War soldier, so this is nothing new to me.)


Halloween costumes were made for geeks


If you truly are a Halloween version of Scrooge, but feel pressure from peers or a significant other to attend costume parties, what better way to make a statement? A nice shade of blue seems to be an appropriate color. (Of course, it’s easy enough to produce such a shirt with this, or other witty sayings, on your own.)


Firefly is still incredibly popular, and even women are dressing up as Malcolm Reynolds. The costume pieces are relatively easy to acquire, making it a manageable task to be any of the Big Damn Heroes from the show.



There’s bound to be a lot of takes on various popular Internet memes in the geek world

Grumpy Cat is a good example. Some make-up, a set of pointy ears, and a genuinely sour face are all that you need, and it’s pretty much instantly recognizable. (Some people were just made for this costume, too!)



Or one of the many Rage faces. I suspect Troll face would be a winner for many of us.  >:)



A Lego mini-fig costume is fun because just like the toys, there are many possibilities. This is fairly easy to start with basic materials.


Minecraft addicts can get creative with a box, some paint and a little skill

Minecraft Steve

I’m a Creep…er.


Speaking of hoodies, here is one way to dress up the wardrobe staple… X-Wing Fighter Pilot suit, anyone?



Nothing says complete Geek like wearing your favorite website as a Halloween costume!



It’s incredibly easy to “Break Bad” for Halloween as well. (But please sub some blue candy for meth, of course! )



And just because it’s really cute, check out the puppy Ewoks!  Pet Halloween costumes are big business.



Hopefully, this will get the creative circuitry firing so that you can get a pretty cool costume together, while bypassing all of the prepackaged schlock at the big box retailers and Halloween shops. The Internet is an idea incubator, and geeks are good at documenting their adventures in geekery.


What do you think is the most overdone costume?  If you could be anything for Halloween, without regard to expense, what would it be?




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