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10 Halloween Masks for 2020

Keep it simple and easy. Stay safe this Halloween. Wear any of these Halloween masks and still keep the ghoulish tradition alive. No fuss. All spook.

Whether you are gearing up for a face-to-face, albeit socially-distanced, Halloween party or you are holding a virtual event via Zoom or whatever platform you use, a mask is an essential part of your ensemble. And, if it’s the latter, then a mask is probably all you need.

We’ve put together a collection of Halloween masks that ranges from classics to some modern(ish) choices.

Mask up, folks!

Halloween Masks 2020

E.T. Mask

I have a very distinct memory of watching E.T. on our aunt’s now ancient (and probably gone) TV. They were the only one in the town who had a set, if I remember correctly. It seemed to me that the whole population was there in their living, immediately falling in love with the adorable extra-terrestrial. Feel me? Relive your childhood with this full-head latex E.T. mask.

Get it here.

Zombie Sublimated Face Mask

Zombies may not be as prevalent today as they were several years ago, but we still love them And if you feel the need for (safe) gore, then this 100% polyester velour & broadcloth fabric zombie mask is the top pick of Halloween masks for you.

Get it here.

Freddy Krueger Latex Mask

Still trying to convince your friends that Freddy Krueger is for real and not just a figment of your imagination? This over-the-head mask just might end the discussion once and for all.

Get it here.

Anubis Adult Mask

Egyptian mythology is pretty cool, and one of our favorite creatures is Anubis. The god who guides souls to the land of the dead. Weighs hearts with his own special scale. A total dog. And the dog is our best friend, right? Be a god this Halloween. Be Anubis.

Get it here.

Jason Mask

Jason Voorhees. Classic. Any slasher horror fan would have donned his character at least once in a costume party. If you want to go the easy route this Halloween, be Jason. And the mask is only six bucks.

Get it here.

Scary Nun Mask

Another classic in the horror genre, the scary nun is, well, scary. Whether from American Horror Story or The Nun, there’s something about this character that will scare the staunchest of hearts.

Get it here.

Scary Scarecrow Mask

It used to be that scarecrows weren’t really scary. They were adorable, in fact. But we now know differently, and if you have people around you who have a thing (not the good kind) for scarecrows, then you know what to put over your head.

Get it here.

Dragon Skull Mouth Mover Mask

One word: dragon.

Add that second word – skull – and you have got the perfect fantasy Halloween mask. This mask is made of latex and foam and allows you to move the lower jaw. For, of course, a dragon has to be able to open his mouth to direct the flames properly. Skull or not.

Get it here.

IT Movie Pennywise Deluxe Adult Mask

Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear.

Confession time…this is the most horrific mask you can wear in my opinion.

Get it here.

Adult Donald Mask

We’ll just leave this here. Think, say, and do what you will.

Get it here.

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