Halloween Monsters: Bring a Deck of 54 Unreal Monster Pin-Up Girls to Life


Halloween Monsters

Halloween may conjure up images of pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating, but for many adults, it has become a favored holiday. After all, when else can we be anyone/anything that we want to be for one night (other than conventions), without the worry of judgment from others? Many celebrants view the night as a perfect time to take in some classic monster films that have long been mainstays in the pop culture consciousness. From Dracula and Nosferatu, to Frankenstein, sometimes the oldies are the goodies. It’s also a prime time for the imagination to go wild.

As geeks, we’re always willing to support others with their artistic endeavors, and there’s a pretty cool project that is timely for the Halloween season. Bobby Timony is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist. He has completed design work for Disney, and is a co-creator and artist for “Detectobot” and DC Comic’s “The Night Owls.” He’s been coming up with some new twists on some classic Halloween monsters and other mischievous or horrific denizens of literature and myth: Enter the monster pin-up girl.

During World War II, pin-up girls were a morale boost for many of the soldiers, sailors and airmen who fought overseas, a group that may have rarely seen women. Given the times, these art pieces were not too risqué, but there was just enough to provide some visual eye candy. Just because these fellas were thrust into life-or-death situations for months on end did not mean that stopped being men in other aspects.

Bobby has taken this style and applied it to producing art work that portrays various provocative and scary chicks! He posts one new monster pin-up girl on his Tumbler page each week. The eventual goal is to combine all of the artwork into a physical card deck, and the project may be a future Kickstarter. These pieces will definitely alter your perception about some classic Halloween monsters and beyond.

Several themes have been developed for the cards.  I would almost call them suites. For instance, there’s a pretty scary, but humorous, Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse theme.

War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence


That’s one deathly scary reaper.


A little Pestilence for the office?


This girl is so famished…


War never looked this hot…


A second grouping is one of elemental proportions

Now all we need is Heart! :)


Of course the monster classics are covered… or not…


Not a Wolf man.


So, how did they know the Invisible Man wasn’t this?



What classic monsters would you like to see from movies and stories in this form? Bobby has hinted at the 50 Foot Woman. Personally, although it’s not a monster per say, I think a re-imagining of the robot from “Metropolis” would be cool.




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