Wow. I wanted to see this and do the math and laugh because it is incorrect (which would make me feel far less old). Alas, it is correct. Halo one was released in 2001, meaning if I am playing the new Halo on an Xbox One and some 14 or 15 year old is whipping my ass, the sad reality is, they not only haven’t been playing this series as long as me, but hell, that means they are even younger than the first game. When you are a grownup gamer, there is just something very disheartening about someone half your age whooping your ass on a battlefield, virtual or otherwise.

But this meme makes it extra weird but pointing out that the little kids whooping our asses didn’t even EXIST when we started playing this series. It is one thing to be beaten in a game by a vet who has been gaming for a lifetime. But it is another thing entirely to be beaten and teabagged by a teenager who was not even a twinkle in his daddy’s eye when the series started.

I would say it is humbling, but that is BS. It is downright depressing. But on the plus side, at least videogames are still thriving, even moreso now. Guess we CAN thank the little pukes for that.


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