Hardest Games of the Early 90’s

Forget Call of Duty on Veteran Mode, the 90’s had some of what had to be the hardest games to date! Sure, they didn’t sport high definition 3D graphics, brilliant character modeling and gorgeous texturing, but by Jove they were controller breaking difficult! From your fast paced platforming games, to your nerve racking spaceship games, I’ve sifted the hard from the near enough impossible to flood you with memories of being stuck on that boss, or wading through that nightmarish level.

Snake Rattle and Roll

I applaud anyone who actually managed to finish this game! The aim was simple, complete each of the eleven stages without losing all segments from your snake. Simple? SIMPLE?! Not only did playing from an isometric camera angle make it almost impossible to judge distances, but there was also a time limit to each level, just to make things that much more difficult! Oh, and as if that wasn’t hard enough, each level was jam packed full of irritating little enemies that were an absolute nightmare to kill. At least the game had multi-player.

Darius II

Why Darius and not Truxton? Simply because Truxton offers you far too many power ups and the enemies can become predictable at times. On the other hand, Darius II side scrolls across levels which consist of huge obstacles and hordes of enemies that fire a barrage of bullets. Just when you think there is time to rest, you are thrown into an enormous boss battle that usually fills the screen with lasers, bullets and all kinds of destruction. This game is definitely not one for the weak.

Mega Man X2

Sure, Mega Man X2 was nowhere near as hard as the original on the NES, but that was released in the 80’s and this is a 90’s list. Mega Man X2 was by far the hardest Mega Man game of the 90’s and was of course, one of the best. Unfortunately you can’t simply use dash to get to the end of the level as enemies flood you with attacks and you’re faced with impossible situations such as a floor covered in spikes. Fortunately you are given enough abilities to slowly but surely make your way through this death trap of a game.

Altered Beast

Yes, this game was technically created in the 80’s, but it didn’t move to the Genesis/Mega-Drive platform until the 90’s so it has just about managed to make its way onto this list of doom. Why Altered Beast you ask? Well, it has no continues! It’s short, it’s hard and 9 times out of 10 folks will lose all of their lives by the third stage. As it is quite a slow moving game, it can be quite hard to maneuver around enemies and a lot of cheap deaths can and will occur. Fortunately it has awesome music and therefore no matter how frustrating it can be, you will always find yourself coming back for more!

Super Thunder Blade

Has anyone ever actually beaten this game without the use of save states? You essentially take control of a military helicopter and try your absolute best to avoid obstacles coming towards you. This is done whilst taking out enemies that are bombarding you will flares, bullets, rockets and anything else they can throw at you. Think of it as an impossible Space Harrier game.

This is a guest post written by Simon Parry. Simon is a writer for Liberty Games, an arcade machine and games room equipment retailer.

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