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How to Transform Into Harley Quinn for the Ultimate Cosplay Experience

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, otherwise known as Harley Quinn, is one of the creepiest and most popular supervillains in the DC universe and the star of the movie “Suicide Squad.” Quinn, who fell in love with The Joker while working as a psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum, has had a variety of looks and styles over the years. No matter what her makeup, costume or other accessories look like, Quinn remains one of the craziest and most fun super villains to date. She is definitely not boring.

If you are heading to a “Suicide Squad” party or have another chance to embody the character, follow the tips below to transform into the movie version of Harley Quinn:

The Clothing

Harley Quinn is the ultimate in psycho sexy. Start by assembling her skimpy “Suicide Squad” outfit. Purchase some black garter shorts, fishnet stockings, and high-heeled athletic-looking boots. You might have better luck at your local thrift store for these articles of clothing than your average box store. You also need a red and white raglan T-shirt.

In the movie, Quinn’s shirt proclaims to the world that she is “Daddy’s Lil Monster.” You can either create your own wording on the shirt with a black Sharpie or iron-on lettering, or you can save some time and purchase an exact replica from Hot Topic. Give the fishnet stockings some nice rips and tears to make them look more authentic for this super villain’s lifestyle. The boots should pretty much be ready to go as is.

The Accessories

Quinn has plenty of crazy and sexy accessories, including a shoulder gun holster, fingerless biker gloves, a studded leather belt and choker, and gold wrist cuffs with spikes. With Halloween coming up soon, you might be able to find some of these accessories at big box and party supply stores that are already putting out their costume supplies.

For the shoulder harness, give it a Quinn-like look by removing the extra cross-body strap and rough it up a bit with sandpaper. Use a hot glue gun to add studs and spikes to make it fit her badass character. For the gold wrist cuffs, toughen them up by rubbing them with sandpaper and push some gold nails through them so the spikes are poking out.

The Weapons

Harley Quinn always has some type of weapon that she wields with glee. In “Suicide Squad,” she swaps her trademark hammer for a baseball bat. To create your own replica, pick up a wooden baseball bat and purchase a pack of letter stencils, red paint, and a brush. Line up the words “GOOD NIGHT” down the bat with the stencils and paint the letters red. Use red and blue Sharpies to draw a diamond pattern and then use a black Sharpie to write a classic Harley quote near the top of the bat. Use white athletic or electrical tape to wrap the neck of the bat near the knob to make it look authentic. Be sure to rough it up and make it a little dirty before adding it to your costume.

The Hair and Makeup

An extremely important part of your costume is Harley Quinn’s hair and makeup. Pick up one blue and one red hair extension from a party supply store or order them online from Sally Beauty Supply. Put your hair into pigtails and attach an extension to either side. You also can get temporary hair dye and spray the ends of your pigtails red and blue.

For the makeup, focus on defining your eyes as much as possible. Check out the “Artistry Makeup Tips: Define Your Eyes” guide on the Amway website to get tips on how to make different eye shapes and sizes really pop. This is your chance to go heavy on the eyeliner, so don’t hold back. Watch Film Jackets’ tutorial to get the perfect “Suicide Squad” look, complete with bright red lipstick and smears of color down your cheeks.

The Tattoos

To copy Harley Quinn’s inked look, ask an artistically talented friend to draw some tats on you with a Sharpie (use coconut oil to remove the ink from your skin after the party is over) or pick up a pack of temporary tattoo paper and create and print out your own Harley tats. This lets you be as creative as you want.

Some of her classic words include “PUDDIN,” heart and diamond shapes, a heart with “Joker” on the inside, a Joker face and “Lucky You” in a cursive script. Harley has ink all over her body in “Suicide Squad” so you really can’t go wrong with the tattoo placement — but the “Lucky You” tattoo should go right over the waistband of your shorts and “PUDDIN” (which is her term of endearment for her beloved Joker) should be visible, too.

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