Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties Review

By Nopy

If you watch anime or read manga, then you would likely have heard of Hayate the Combat Butler if you aren’t following it. For anyone who might not be familiar with the franchise, in a nutshell, it is about a superhuman butler named Hayate. He has extremely bad luck but still manages to protect his mistress, Nagi, who happens to be a rich otaku, from all sorts of wacky enemies. The ‘Cuties’ season is a continuation of the ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’ season, which had mixed reactions from fans of the series.

Produced by Manglobe, the Cuties season consists of 12 episodes. Despite being a sequel, many episodes in Cuties could stand by themselves as long as the viewer was familiar with the characters. There is no major continuous plotline in this season. Rather, each episode is dedicated to Hayate’s interactions and relationship with one other featured character. As each episode progresses, Hayate acts as the ‘hero’ and inadvertently makes a girl fall for him. In other words, Cuties follows the typical harem anime format. It’s not until the last two episodes that any inkling of a relation to the previous season appears. Personally, I found some of the episodes to be rather amusing, but those wanting to see more development will probably be disappointed.

The art style in Cuties continues with the one used in Can’t Take My Eyes off You, which again may be a disappointment to anyone who preferred the style used in the original anime. It certainly takes some time to get used to, but the art style isn’t that bad when you stop comparing it to something else, not to mention that the animation quality is pretty good as well. While the characters may look different now compared to the first season of Hayate the Combat Butler, something that still hasn’t changed is the cast of voices behind the characters. After many years since the first airing of Hayate the Combat Butler, voice actors like Ryoko Shiraishi and Rie Kugimiya still manage to keep the personalities of their characters unchanged.

Whether you enjoy Cuties or not will likely depend on two things: how much you like the art style, and whether or not you want more plot or random comedy. If you thought Can’t Take my Eyes off You looked fine and prefer light comedy, then you would probably enjoy Cuties. If you don’t like the art style and want more story development, then Cuties is going to be a huge let-down.

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