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I just saw the movie The Secret Life of Pets and something struck me as quite odd. Not about the film, mind you. Very cute, and people who are animal lovers will go nuts over it. CG is top notch and voice acting and the story are great fun. But something happened once we left The Secret Life of Pets that has torn my family asunder. whilst leaving, I looked at my lady fare and told her I wanted a purple cat now because of Chloe in the movie. She had no idea what I was talking about as she saw a GRAY cat. So naturally, we begin asking others and don’t you know, we got multiple answers.

So then we decided to look her up in Google images, and wouldn’t you know, she is both (depending on which pic you choose). I have two examples below to show you just what I mean. It’s pure insanity.

Here we see Chloe as a gray cat, doing her best Maru impression.:



Whilst here we see Chloe as a (lavender) purple cat:



Yes, our minds are as blown as yours. We tried to figure it out, even bringing the debate over to Reddit (where, so far, based on the vinyl toys, overall vote is purple, though there is one strong candidate for green). It does seem like all the big toy companies like Funko went with purple, so I might just be winning this debate, but I will tell her it is gray so she doesn’t give me the hose again.

[Update, toys come in both colors]:


(Image Source)

It is pretty clear what we have hit upon here. This is the new “what color is the dress” debate. There is no right or wrong, we are all right and we are all wrong. Perception is an illusion and this cat marks the beginning of the end for humanity. All of reality is now a folding piece of origami in some mindless child’s hands.

dress _color

(image source)

Hit me up here if you know what the hell is going on here, seriously. This is a major Matrix rip and I think we need some glue to fix it. Also, quick note. All the people who feel obligated to tell me that it is lighting and pigment and we all perceive colors differently, spare me. I took “bullshitting science answers to make yourself seem smart 101” too. Just answer the question and end this madness before it consumes us all….

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