Helping Haiti: Donating via cellphone one of the quickest ways

By andy

In the US, you can text HAITI to 90999 (any carrier) and a $10 donation will be sent to the Red Cross

Following the tragedy of the Haiti earthquake, many are looking for efficient ways of donating money to help with international rescue and relief efforts, and one of the quickest ways of doing so is via your mobile phone.

In our technological age, gone are the days of having to send checks in the post or visit a bank branch to make a donation. Simply by sending a SMS text message to a short code provided by many mobile phone operators around the globe, a fixed donation can be made to charities or overseeing agencies (such as the Disasters Emergency Committee in the UK).

Of course, there are also a range of web sites that are taking donations, but you must make absolutely sure that you’re visiting a legitimate site, because unfortunately there’s bound to be some low-life scum floating around trying to scam people into giving money to them instead of those who desperately need it.

The advantage of donating via mobile is that it’s now even more immediate for many people than going online and dealing with credit cards or bank details. Especially for those on contracts, the donation is simply billed on your statement.

The advantage of donating via the web, and providing your contact details directly to the charity, is that some countries offer tax incentives whereby your donation is increased by the government.

Either way, it’s quick and makes a difference.

In the US, you can text HAITI to 90999 (any carrier) and a $10 donation will be sent to the Red Cross.

Other websites accepting donations in the US include:

A simple search for Haiti donation will bring up other results for where you are. Just be careful to check out the site to make sure it’s legitimate first.

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