Here's How You Introduce Kids to Manga: A Little Golden Manga

Just the other week, I was at a children’s party, and it wasn’t surprising that when gift-opening time came around, we saw a lot of superhero items. An Iron Man mask. A Spidey mask. The usual stuff.

And then there were Little Golden Books. You know how much we love those things, and how we love the idea of other books/stories being made into Little Golden Books.

While that many of those titles may remain a dream, I say dream on; and if you’re a manga lover, here’s how you introduce your kids to the genre: with A Little Golden Manga line.

Attack on Titan Little Golden Book

Death Note Little Golden Book

FLCL Little Golden Book

Created by Matt Reedy, the A Little Golden Manga line is again – deep sigh – not real, but a result of his imagination and creativity. That’s why I say it’s more interesting in our heads!

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