Fun to play and easy to learn, don’t let Hero’s Way make you too confident with your party management skills!

Price: Free
Platform: iOS
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A defense game with a twist — Hero’s Way is a side scrolling action game that allows you to indirectly control three types of heroes specializing in different forms of attack. Choosing from a combination of the strong burly warrior, the mid-range spell caster and the long range archer, you can mix and match combinations so that each adventure is different. Thus far it may seem that the best party combinations would be to have two warriors for damage and meat shields and one long ranged archer that can attack flying creatures. Heck, we even tried re-rolling three warriors and the party management seemed to play even better.

All your troops attack automatically, which means that the only way to control them would be to pick them up and position them in various places in the map, helping them evade attacks and positioning them in between enemies for maximum damage. Enemy behaviors help you take advantage of the drag and drop automated battle system of the game — from choosing where to place your heroes when the werewolf charges from left to right, or choosing where to fling your party as they dodge slow moving arrows.

Each time you die, you can choose to immediately resurrect your hero by paying a penalty fee of 100 gold. Gold is extremely important if you want to get anywhere as the chests you collect need at least 200 gold to unlock. The amount of gold needed to unlock a chest increases as you progress. Most of the time it doesn’t seem practical to open chests as the bonus items rarely outweigh the ones you can buy at the shop. In fact this **problem** becomes the greatest challenge in Hero’s Way — not having enough money to unlock all the chests you want, which is why the devs have included an in-app purchase system for micro-transactions. And that’s your business model right there. Gold coins are needed for bringing fallen heroes back to battle, upgrading different aspects of each character type, and so on.

The game is oddly simple but overly entertaining for its class and it’s definitely one of the must have downloads for your iPhone / iPad.

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