Bet you’ve never worn stilettos like these before. Frankly, I’m not even sure you could wear these.

A British artist named Finn Stone created these playful high heels, dubbing them “LEG-GO Stilettos.” And in fact, Stone swears that these art/fashion pieces are entirely wearable, since he affixed the LEGO bricks with a special glue mix. They were available to purchase at London’s Affordable Art Show for $2,600. (Stone must’ve missed the “affordable” in the title.)

He tells AOL News that he’s open to custom-making similar shoes for anyone who cares to contact him via email — and that he’ll drastically reduce the price for customers. He even says he could do it to different kinds of shoes, like tennis shoes, or make a pair that’s done entirely in one color of bricks. Stone thinks that an outside-the-box fashionista like Lady Gaga could be interested.

The LEG-GO Stilettos are actually part of a larger collection of deconstruction-with-LEGO accessories made by Stone including a teapot, a baseball cap, a bowler hat, a book, and a cowboy boot, covered in Matchbook cars.

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