High-End Buyer’s Guide October 2006

By Dave

AnandTech, a great resource for some, an annoying new channel for others has released their High-End Buyer’s Guide for October, and they make some very interesting points about the shifting technology in today’s markets.

Lest anyone forget that we are interested in getting the best performance for the dollar, consider the following quote from our January 2006 buyers guide:

“The good news is that the Intel ‘High-End’ platform costs less than the AMD recommendation; unfortunately, the AMD is also clearly superior in performance, and not even a Pentium 955EE chip can close the gap.”

Now swap the AMD and Intel names, and replace 955EE with FX-62, and you have the current situation. As we showed in our Core 2 Duo launch articles, Intel currently has AMD thoroughly outclassed in terms of performance, and if you add in overclocking the case for Intel is so lopsided that we would strongly recommend purchasing a Core 2 Duo system right now over anything AMD offers when looking at high-end computers.

Will AMD be able to get back at the top of the pack any time soon? Or is it only for the AMD fanboys now? Can ATI save AMD? So many questions to be answered over the next year or so, but for now it seems it is all about Intel.

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