History of Awesome - Guitar Hero

You can say what you want about Guitar Hero and how it became too popular and we got saturated with music games and burnt out on the genre quickly. But when you look back at what the original REALLY did for gaming, it was (and still is) a profoundly unique game that allows gamers to feel something they may never get to actually feel in real life:

What it is like to be a rockstar.

Few can argue that. I even play 3 instruments in real life and been in bands (that went nowhere) but regardless, it somehow does capture that adrenaline of making a crowd react and making your own self feel larger than life. Guitar Hero changed the game for awhile, literally.

So instead of focusing on how the genre died down and how music games became old hat and how no one plays them as much as they once did, why don’t we take a moment to look back on the awesomeness that was (and always will be) Guitar Hero?

Here is an in-depth at the history of the game that made us ALL feel like rock stars for a few years there, and let’s none of us pretend we didn’t love it, because its popularity and reputation proves that MILLIONS of us did love it.

And hell, at my high point I was pretty damn good at it, too.

*Activates star power, crowd goes wild

(Via IGN)

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