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ForeverGeek’s Holiday Geek Gift Guide 2019

December 25 is fast approaching and you know what that means! It’s time for your wallet to get lighter and your belly to get heavier! We’re here to help you with the wallet part and you can bet that there are shekels to spend thanks to our Holiday Geek Gift Guide.

Because we like you enough, we’re here to give you some beautiful and shiny recommendations with what to buy as gifts this Christmas season. You can bet that you or any of your geek, nerd, and fandom friends will like these. Not only are they easily recognizable for anyone who doesn’t live under a rock these days, but they’re also precious little geek tokens for your identity.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare your wallets for this upcoming gift-tastic yuletide because here they are:


Baby Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Why? Because Baby Yoda is all the rage these days. Everyone and his dog who likes Star Wars (or even those who don’t), know that Baby Yoda is the real deal.

From the very first moment you see him cooing in The Mandalorian, you just want to throw him against a wall cuddle him using the force. So, here’s an (not-so) ugly sweater instead because Disney’s too late and too lazy to make some serious Baby Yoda plushies and stuffed toys this year.

Black Panther Bathrobe with Hood

Sadly, our current technological ceiling as human beings limit us from being able to successfully recreate a fully-functioning Black Panther suit. Thankfully, you can have the next best and next sexiest thing: a Black Panther Bathrobe, complete with a hood.

Food and beverage stuff

TMNT Shredder Cheese Grater

You’ll find no greater grater than this greatness in the form of a Shredder chess grater. Because you can’t make spaghetti or lasagna with melted assortments of cheeses without this fancy thing. We’d like to reiterate the fact that they’re only for cheese, don’t go rubbing amphibians with shells on it.

I Drink Wine Periodically Geeky Wine Glass

Wine is a staple in every Christmas feast and a wine glass, for that matter, is a must-have. Do it in style and in intelligence with this Periodic Table Wine Glass.

Nineties Nerd Retro Floppy Disk Drink Coaster

Want to confuse anyone born past the year 2000? Grab these floppy disk drink coaster. These floppy disks aren’t really that good for anything else anyway given their outdated low storage.

Monster Hunter World Mug

Stop drinking beers in cans and do it the old fashioned way like how you were trained to in the Monster Hunter video games. What we have here is a faithful replica of the beer mug hunters just love to use after breaking a sweat in the New World hunting down monsters for their skins.

Chemist’s Spice Rack

Whether it’s meth or food you’re cooking, having an organized spice rack is something all kitchens should have. The recipient of this gift will surely appreciate these chemist flask spice containers that emulate Breaking Bad‘s notorious usage for lab materials. For conventional purposes, however, the flasks don’t show the element equivalent of the spice, but rather an abbreviated name of the spice instead. Wouldn’t want you putting sugar on your soup accidentally instead of salt.

Harry Potter Cauldron Mug

Speaking of cooking and brewing concoctions like a chemist, you can also do it like a witch or wizard. This Harry Potter cauldron mug is too hot for Muggles to handle. Christmas is cold, after all, and you need all the finesse you can afford making that hot cocoa.

Battle Shipwreck Drinking Game

Battleship is usually a kid’s game but combine it with liquor and it can be a fun adult party game! The rules are simple, the battleships are shot glasses and you drink whichever gets hit on your side.

Dungeons & Dragons – Crit Happens – Liquor Flask

Want another fun drinking game? Grab this D&D flask and play a session with your friends. Whenever a crit happens courtesy of a D20 die, pop a cold one and let the roleplaying party begin!


ABCs of D&D (Dungeons & Dragons Children’s Book)

Speaking of D&D, we have a more PG-version of fun in the form of a children’s book while the adults play liquor roulette with the DM. The ABCs of D&D is a perfect way to indoctrinate your kids into high-functioning members of society (nerds and geeks)… or you can keep the book for yourself for giggles.

The Geeky Chef Cookbook: Real-Life Recipes for Your Favorite Fantasy Foods

Tired of the usual Christmas turkey or lasagna? Then try this fandom recipe cookbook! It comes complete with all the recipes from famous fandoms such as Star Trek, Harry Potter, and many others. As an added bonus, only guests who come in cosplay can have dessert.


Decodyne Math Wall Clock

If, like us, you’re a mental masochist and love getting headaches from time to time, then this clock is perfect for you… or someone you want to torture. This clock comes with mathematical equations instead of the usual numbers and you have to solve them to know what time it is, no more taking time for granted.

‘Hand of the King’ Design Metal Bottle Openers

Being Hand of the King in the Game of Thrones world is a grueling task. It involves many responsibilities like overseeing millions of people, running seven kingdoms, and… opening bottles. Hey, the Hand needs a rest from time to time, alright?

Howls Moving Castle Candle Holder

Thanks to Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, this candle holder is a lot more precious to us than it usually should be. It’s a shadow candle lamp with the outline of Howl’s castle and the cover also comes with a happy Calcifer to keep things authentic.

Black Dragon Head Wall Mount – Game of Thrones Decor

Look, Christmas is the time to be jolly and generous but you mustn’t forget your roots… especially if you’re a Targaryen. This Black Dragon Head Wall Mount will surely tell both your friends and enemies that you mean business and require gifts to be appeased.

LEGO Lord of The Rings: The Mines of Moria Set

If there is one constant in Holiday season for nerds, that would be the Lord of the Rings marathon. HBO knows it, you know it, and your nauseated friends know it. However, instead of putting them through another nine hours of Tolkien lore, have them live in the moment instead with this Mines of Moria diorama from LEGO. At least here, you don’t have to lose Gandalf.

Legend of Zelda “Link Heart” Necklace

Is your Christmas a lot warmer than other people’s? Then make sure the cause of that warmth is well appreciated with lovely geeky pendant that only Legend of Zelda fans will fully appreciate. It’s a heart necklace which means a lot to both players and Link. Give it your Zelda.

Nintendo Game Boy Bi-Fold Wallet

Your wallet might look more emaciated than a dead deer but don’t let that discourage you from being decorative with it. Get yourself or your friends and relatives some lovely retro wallets which will confuse children and make adults freeze with nostalgia.

Remote-Controlled BB-8 Droid

Ending this list is a droid you’re looking for whether you’re a fan of the original trilogy, the new sequel trilogy, or the prequels: a remote-controlled BB-8 droid. Give it to your younger sibling and watch them pester the family dog or cat. That, or buy many of them and host a BB-8 race in time for Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of the Skywalker.

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