Hollywood Movie Posters That Might Just Ruin Your Childhood - NOT!

Zombies, gore, and blood – these things never fail to catch the attention of people nowadays. While you can only take so much, you cannot deny that we need a healthy dose every now and then. Now, if you’re a movie buff as well, then you are in for a treat on this Friday.

Movie posters are always popular with collectors, and rightly so. This collection of unique movie posters, re-created by artist Matt Busch is going to either ruin your childhood memories or merely give you a fresh – albeit twisted – perspective. ((Source: Hollywood is Dead)) He is quite known in the poster artist circle, especially for his unique take on art. In his collection of Hollywood movie posters, he went a step further by handpainting each one instead of merely using Photoshop to make digital changes. The result? Awesomely twisted movie posters that will give you a new perspective on some of your old-time favorite movies.

Star Wars fans will either love or hate this poster – there is no in between!

The future may be bleak indeed, but with a poster like this to look at when you feel down, how can you not muster at least a chuckle?

I have very vivid memories of watching E.T. on a small TV in my aunt’s basement more than two decades ago, but nothing prepared me for this poster.  You gotta love the attention to detail – look at the reflection on the knife blade!

More than the details in the images, Matt Busch has to be given credit for his play on the titles, names, and descriptions.  Indiana Bones has got to be one of the best of this lot.

Yeah, his attention to the details makes these posters stand out and invites viewers to stare at each one for minutes on end just to take in the whole picture; and I think that fact says Mr. Busch’s work belongs to the Dept. of Awesomeness, yes?

Here are more posters.  Let me know which one cracks you up (or rubs you the wrong way, for that matter) the most.

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